10 Funny Running Memes to Get You Laughing

Some runners have a great sense of humor, and today we’re here to review them! The meme community has created some memes that may be relatable to most runners.

It’s good to have some good memes to laugh at once in a while. Who knows? Maybe you find yourself feeling relatable in one of these pictures.

What are memes?

Memes are virally shared images and videos phrased in bold text meant to deliver a profound message about a picture or video.

Memes are meant to make a person feel a certain way, it could make a person feel wholesome, happy, triggered, confused, and many more.

1. Why do I do this

Funny Running MemesHave you ever found yourself in a race where you want to DNF (Did Not Finish – a participant who did not finish a race due to a mechanical failure, injury, or involvement with an accident)?

We all have our thoughts of challenging races, which we eventually have to back out from. This meme may not be relatable to most, but it surely can make some runners laugh.

2. Any moment now. . .

Get this, it’s your first race, and you’re so excited for the results to come out. However, some race organizers take a long time before they post the results.

You can tell by the meme that the man is sad while waiting. He doesn’t want to be disturbed by other people and keeps roaming around while waiting for the results to be posted.

3. Is this just me?

Imagine running 5km a day, no sweat, no rest, and no signs of slowing down the pace. But if you were to go to the local shop with an empty bag, you quickly get tired, how’s that?

Bringing a bag full of grocery goods with you isn’t a great idea, that’ explains the doggo on the left being sad. Running while carrying a grocery bag with you is such a pain, isn’t it?

4. I hate this

Ahh, yes, the Call of Nature, every runners’ worst nightmare. It’s a Saturday morning, the weather’s great, and you’re running with your friends when suddenly you feel your stomach aching.

This meme should be relatable to most of us runners. There are times where we need to have an emergency trip to the comfort room.

Here’s a runner’s tip: don’t eat too many foods before your long runs. Eat the necessary carbs to provide you enough energy throughout the long run to minimize such events from happening.

5. I don’t know why I don’t put sunscreen on

You’re so excited for the track meet that you didn’t even consider the sun’s heat. You prepared and trained for this day to the point that the sun’s burning heat isn’t even bothering you.

All the mixed emotions in the track meet to make you forget the scorching heat of the sun, only to find out the outlines of your sleeveless undershirt showing.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to enjoy your track meet with your running club. Having a sunburnt back still sucks, though.

6. Very true

This meme is all about comparison. Back in the day, runners in the year 1960 didn’t even have good running shoes, to begin with, yet they still train every day without rest days.

Now, however, people are being mediocre about their training routines and complain about everything, uncomfortable shoes, not enough rest, etc.

This meme shows how soft the athletes today’s generation is, compared to the athletes decades ago.

7. The difficulty is different for each person

Judging from this picture is NEVER TO TRUST ANYONE. Races are different for different people. Some may say races are easy, and some may argue that they have a hard time.

The meme explains that hearing runners say that races are easy and a complete beginner like me should join is all a lie and is a bad idea.

In reality, races are far from easy. In fact, they are the total opposite! Races are meant to be challenging. There would be no thrill in a race if it weren’t challenging.

8. It’s always nice to see new sceneries

Not all memes are meant to make you laugh. Some of them make you feel warm and wholesome. This is one of those memes.

This is one of the beauties of races, marathons, and fun runs. You run to different places and see some beautiful sceneries with your strength.

This is a healthy way of traveling from one place to another. Staying fit and healthy while traveling is the best kind of stress reliever.

9. It be like that

Another one of those wholesome memes is this meme. After receiving the orange, the expression of the monkey’s face is the same expression new runners get when they win their first medal.

The expression of overwhelming joy and happiness is the product of weeks of gruesome training.

10. Running shoes

All enthusiastic runners should relate to this meme. I don’t know about you, but when my favorite running shoes are on sale, I’ll buy them! No matter the price.

Running shoes are just so important, especially if you’re a long-distance runner who would like to choose the perfect running shoes with an outstanding balance of comfort and style.

More on Memes

The memes above are from the subreddit Memes for Runners. If you want to find more similar memes, you should pay the subreddit a visit and check all the new memes yourself.

Memes are great ways to express someone’s humor in a single picture/video. It could be a relatable meme, triggering meme, or even a wholesome meme.

Still not satisfied with our memes, and do you want more? Then you should watch 10 minutes of funny track and XC memes to fulfill your need for memes.

There are more running memes on the internet, and we are just showing you the memes that you may need to see because they might be relatable to you in some way.

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