46 Best 100th Birthday Messages

Turning 100 years is one of the biggest milestones for most people. You have lived for a century. Well, a lot can happen in 100 years, and you have managed to experience it all.

If you know a person who is turning 100 today, some nice birthday messages would make their day even better. Below are some of the messages to consider.

“It’s not an ordinary feat for someone to turn 100 years old! So, this only proves me that you are, indeed, an extraordinary person, worth all the praise that is given to you. Happy Birthday!”

“Wishing you love, warmth and health on your 100th birthday. May you be surrounded by loved ones and appreciated for all that you are, as a person like you only comes around once every 100 years.”

“You have gathered a lifetime of memories, hoping this day will be one of your fondest. Have a Wonderful 100th Birthday!”

“Congratulations on this amazing milestone. Have a very happy day!”

“You’ve been here through the good and the bad, happiness and sorrow, frankly, you’ve lived so long that you’ve been here to witness everything! My only wish for you is to keep on being here, with us, so we can show you how much more we can evolve as a family. Happy Birthday!”

“The way you lived your life inspires me a lot. I grew up seeing you as my idol. As this is really a special day for you, I wish you many sweet moments and good health. Happy 100th Birthday!”

“Integrity and loyalty is hard to come by these days. On your 100th birthday, I wish that you continue to be a fine example of what it is to live a moral and prosperous life.”

“”100 years” of memories and 100 years of life…You’ve done more in a lifetime than others can only dream, and you are the most amazing 100-year-old that most have ever known or seen! Happy birthday!”

“Congratulations on now officially being the most amazing person of the century! I mean, how more amazing can you get than having lived through the entire thing! Happy Birthday!”

“For the past century, you’ve made this family rise to heights that nobody could have ever possibly imagined, only by using your smile and endless pool of wisdom. Happy Birthday!”

“It isn’t irrational to say, that you are still that same old grumpy person we’ve always loved, but now, you’re the century-old grump of our hearts! Happy Birthday!”

“To the most beautiful, talented person I have ever met. I must say I am truly blessed to have you in my life and my 100th birthday wishes is that you continue to infect everyone with your love and kindness.”

“Welcome to the century-old club! This is the big boys(or girls) club, where only the best among the best get to enter! Hope you enjoy your time here. Happy Birthday!”

“Wishing one of the most beautiful souls to ever set foot on this earth an amazing 100th birthday. Not only have you changed the lives of many through your infectious smile and laughter, you have also been an inspiration to me for which I am truly grateful. Happy birthday and may all of your deepest desires come true.”

“You’ve seen leaders come and go, changes turn the world on its feet, but most importantly, you’ve been here in all of my times of need, to help me become the person I am today. Happy Birthday!”

“With a body like a 30-year-old and a mind worthy of a 1000-year-old, you indeed are the most extraordinary person to have ever lived this century! Happy Birthday!”

“Hey! I thought you still were a teenager, when did you turn 100? Wow, time flies by so fast. Hope you reach 200! Happy Birthday!”

“You’re too young to be 100! You don’t look a day over 90! Happy 100th birthday, may you have the strength to blow out all of those candles!”

“I must say that I have learnt a lot in life though many of its ups and downs, though one thing which has allowed for me to enjoy each of the moments it has to offer is from how I view each situation. Thankfully, you have given me that perception for which I am truly grateful. On your 100th birthday, I hope you continue to show your optimism in each waking moment and continue to be an inspiration to all that you meet.”

“For the past 100 years, you’ve been the pillar that supports this family, not only as its founder and elder but as its friend and helper in times of need. All I can say is thank you, and happy birthday!”

“For this exceptional day of yours, my only sincere wish is that you attain the body of a 20-year-old so that you can live up to 180! Happy Birthday!”

“May this birthday be filled with lots of happy hours and also your life with many happy birthdays, that are yet to come. Happy birthday.”

“Happy 100th birthday! With 100 years of priceless moments under your belt, your heart must be full of joy. You deserve every precious memory.”

“A person like you only comes around once in a lifetime. My 100th birthday wishes to you is that you know how much you mean to all of us and that you have one of the best birthdays of all time.”

“A person like me is considered to be lucky. I say this because I have had an amazing teacher all these years. To some, they may see you as becoming 100 years old, though when I look at you, I see someone who is 10 decades young. Thank you for coaching me throughout my life and allowing me to overcome every trial and tribulation in my life.”

“Like a modern-day superhero, you’ve gone past all of the difficulties of life, and attained a century’s worth of memories and experiences, which probably make the best stories ever for the kids! Happy Birthday!”

“I send my warm 100th birthday wishes to someone who has brought fond memories and much laughter into this world. May this day bring you more happiness and love as someone as special so special like you truly deserves it. Happy 100th birthday!”

“Even though I am pleased about your birthday, my only concern is how are we going to find 100 candles for your birthday cake! And someone better call the fire department, because that is going to be a LOT of fire! Well, in any case, Happy Birthday!”

“May your special day be filled with sunshine, smiles, laughter and love…exactly what you’ve brought the world for 10 decades. Have a very happy 100th birthday.”

“You are truly blessed. You have lived 100 years and have 10 decades of heavenly memories. Happy 100th birthday!”

“On your special day, I wish you good luck. I hope this wonderful day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. Have a fantastic birthday, celebrate the happiness on every day of your life. Happy Birthday!!”

“This day calls for a celebration! Like a good bottle of wine or whiskey, you’ve gone past “old” and became “vintage”! Happy Birthday!”

“They may tell you that you are crazy but just keep going and enjoy it, happy 100th birthday!”

“Not every day does someone turn 100 so let me be the first to greet you for this big day now.”

“To a person so beautiful and rare. A person with wisdom and integrity, though humble and noble. Happy 100th birthday! May you enjoy your special day and everyday after it as a person like you only deserves the best!”

“You shouldn’t only be congratulated for reaching 100, an amazing milestone in itself. You should be praised for the love, caring and wisdom you’ve given so generously every day for 100 years. Happy 100th birthday!”

“Congratulations on your 100th Birthday! May God continue to bless you with life, health, and prosperity on this day and all days.”

“If I had to choose the three most important lessons you’ve taught me, they would be: (1) Laugh at yourself; (2) Laugh with friends and family; and (3) Laugh at life. It’s better than crying. Ha, Ha, Happy 100th birthday!”

“Today we celebrate a significant day, marking a centenary of having an incredible human being on this earth. Through many historic events and endless scenarios of both triumphs and tribulations, you have defied all odds to become one of the most inspirational humans in our lives. My 100th birthday wishes to you is that you continue the path you’re on for many years to come, filled with happiness, warmth and health.”

“To me, you’re 10 decades young. When I look at you, I don’t see a 100 year old. I see someone who inspires me to love every trial and tribulation of life, every day. Happy 100th birthday!”

“May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and so on. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Happy birthday.”

“May God bless you with so much joy. So much that you can’t contain it! Happy 100 years birthday, granddad!”

“On your 100th birthday, I bring you 100 hugs, 100 kisses, and 100 birthday candles. Don’t stress about blowing out all the birthday candles. I’m sure all the grandchildren can give you a hand with that.”

“You’ve added so much color and light to all our lives. I know I’ll always be grateful for you. As you celebrate another year, may God keep you long and full to keep adding your color to our lives. Happy 100th birthday, mom.”

“It isn’t every day somebody turns a century old. I’m so glad you are one of the lucky few. It’s such a blessing to have you in my life. Happy 100th birthday! I love you.”

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