19 Creative Drawing Prompts to Help You Discover New Ideas

Do you remember a child who loves to draw? Your sketchpad was on the wall, with colorful pens on the floor. It made you happier to freely draw whatever comes into your mind. How did it get started?  Read on to find out the answer.

Many artists do struggle with time formulating the ideas to draw in a day. Genius is those people who can keep creative juices flowing and produce a lot of masterpieces shortly. It takes skills to draw something nice and maybe a piece of training to enhance the talent. However, there are prompt ideas to get started drawing and you can begin with the basics.

We will share the secrets of most artists of how they work and boost their daily creativity. Are you ready?

Prompt Drawing Ideas Explained

All famous artists today had begun with small ideas, in whatever field of art. To mention a few is photography, sketching, and painting. There is no such thing as an easy start. Failed attempts can surely happen but at least you are trying.

By simply looking around, a real artist can perceive some drawing ideas with a person or an object. Those things can help and inspire you to make an art out of imagination and existing skills. Well, anyone could be an artist as long as the heart is willing.

Prompt drawing ideas may result in a simple and yet stunning artwork, not bad for first-timers. It can be while drinking your coffee in the morning and just grab a piece of paper and a pen and begin drawing. The outcome needs not look perfect, as long as it followed your first-hand idea. Also, art can be abstract and really depends on how the artist defines it.

Things You Need To Get Started

Regardless of your skills, the materials needed for drawing are the same. It includes drawing paper, pencils, colors, markers, and tools that can help your creativity. Such basic tools are mostly present at home and so easier, to begin with, your first artwork.

In addition to that, the artist should also think of ideas of what to draw beforehand. There are a lot of drawing prompts around that you could copy. For example are people, animals, food, trees, and other subjects.

What is a Drawing Idea Generator?

Sometimes even the things around are not inspiring you to draw, and that is absolutely fine. Do not get frustrated as there is a tool that can help you.

Getting stuck in finding things to draw can also limit your creativity. Drawing Idea Generator is designed to offer a bunch of drawing prompts that best suits your liking. It involves a wide variety of topics as your drawing inspiration and regenerates to show other options.

How does it work?

This collection of drawing ideas works with two processes, including the main topic and the level of drawing. It will select a drawing idea from the list randomly and then helps you go on details in finishing the artwork. Therefore, the tool promotes developing your skills in drawing step-by-step.

Drawing prompts for children are available like fantasy settings. The list is constantly updated to provide more topics for your next masterpiece.

19 Drawing Prompts Ideas

Knowing the possible materials and tools for drawing sets the tone for starting your first artwork for the day. It is normal to feel muddled in the first minutes of your art class. Thus, there must be a daily routine to follow making it more efficient to draw.

Develop using engaging practices like a drawing prompt for an easy way to learn daily draw. It is just one of the best options to get settled in your goal to draw. This is a warm-up exercise to finally get started.

If drawing daily is your goal, having more drawing ideas really matters. Below is a rundown of drawing prompts that you can try at home. Each comes from an inspiration that requires a different level of effort, but surely an easy way to begin with.

A Song Inspiration

Listening to your favorite music will sometimes deliver an art idea. Whatever you are hearing can be a great inspiration for your next drawing. For example, Taylor Swift’s love story can give you a calming and loving vibe. Get the focus on the music and let ideas flow from within.

Silly Drawing Ideas

Like said earlier, the things around you are good motivations to draw, even the most meaningless object. Go to an open place to collect more ideas and start drawing whatever has caught your attention. It is like a random selection of drawing ideas. It does not matter how your drawing will look, just feel free to sketch.

Here are examples of silly drawing prompts:

  • A crowd
  • Self-portraits
  • Strangest thing you may encounter
  • Animals
  • Food cravings
  • Various objects
  • Out of imagination drawing ideas

A Poetry Inspiration

Words are art and can be a subject for drawings. Select a poem that you think will boost your creativity. It requires a wide imagination to turn poetry into another level of masterpiece.

Poems come with various themes such as humorous, dramatic, an eye-opener, and hopeful. Make sure your art will meet the other art’s series of emotions to give justice to the artist.

All you need to do is to read and understand the message of the poem. This actually works for many aspiring artists out there.

Use Photograph

This technique will require an additional tool like metallic markers to produce a better outcome. Use metallic markers in drawing on a matte picture. First, get a photograph you want to copy, as long as it is acceptable. It can be your childhood photo or anything memorable for you. That will serve as your pattern throughout the entire drawing process.

Drawing on a photograph is best-recommended for first-timers and intermediary artists. It takes a lot of patience and commitment to finish a single drawing.

Your Dream House’s Sketch

Have you ever planned your dream house? Or, maybe a particular design is now on your mind. Do not hesitate to sketch it out. There are many house designs on Pinterest for ideas and you can check them out.

It does not need to be huge, just a perfect house that keeps on running in your mind lately.

Do Scribble

Prepare a piece of paper and then draw any shapes even in an abstract form. You will be surprised that sooner or later scenes are popping out. Make use of every space on your paper and add color if necessary.

This will result in abstract art but a good start for anyone’s drawing skills. It will look messy at first glance, which makes the art more interesting for viewers.

A Celebration Inspiration

Life events are perfect prompt ideas for drawing. They are full of objects worthy as a subject for art. Another way is to create cards for certain celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and many more. It can be your source of income for days to come.

Share your talent with everyone through this prompt drawing idea. It will take time to finally master providing the best cards ever for any events.

Meditation Art

Enjoy your quiet time even more by producing art. Anyone can still be productive during meditation. It is actually the best time to form ideas as the stillness of the surrounding can help. Spend your quiet time early in the morning to avoid a loud neighborhood.

Consider whatever you feel or heard alongside to be added to your art. It could be a strange emotion trying to come out of your body, which drawing can be an outlet. Take your time to feel at ease while waiting for the universe to provide some ideas to draw.

A Quick Sketch Idea

As the artist within you grows each day, whatever you will pick up can be a drawing idea. Things will be around when you wake up like a cup of coffee, your eyeglasses, and a breakfast meal. Those kinds of stuff are a great piece of art you may draw.

Agree with yourself that anything you hold in the morning must be drawn on a piece of paper, whatever it is. This promotes quick artworks and is very satisfying to do.  It would be suitable for anybody who loves to draw random things.

A Statement Art

To draw is one way of expressing yourself. It is not always a series of objects but can also be statements you want to tell somebody. Grab a sketchbook, pens, and colors to get started. An artist can show emotions in colors, and this is the right way to do it.

Think of a statement to turn into a masterpiece. It can be a popular quote or a result of your frustrations and mixed emotions. This is also called the “Doodle Art” which is composed of huge letters and some objects.

Your Favorite Pet

Something you dearly love can be a perfect subject for your artwork. It can be that pet peacefully sleeping in the corner or busy cuddling with you. Find the right timing to draw your pet as it can be playful at times.

Adding a crazy setting as the background will bring life to your work. Your lovely pet will surely appreciate it. This is a good start for pet lover artists out there.

Travel-related Ideas

For someone who loves to travel or has gone to different places already, it would be nice to draw specific scenery. This helps you remember the memories you had in that state or country. Also, consider drawing your dream destination to get inspired working for it.

Travel drawing ideas are something that boosts your imagination which is essential for drawing. It can be a roller coaster experience trying to remember the exact spot you want to draw. It feels like you are on tour.

Your Future Family

Our childhood took a lot of time drawing a happy family in school. We also draw clothes on each character to properly portray its position in the family. For instance, a mother will be wearing a skirt together with the other girls while the father has pants on it. Additionally, we put a simple house as a background. That is so sentimental!

Now, you can still draw how your future family will look like. Everyone has its dream family one day, which can be drawn in a canvass. There is nothing bad in seeing in your mind’s eye what the future holds. Draw it out!

Your Favorite Meal

Some days you are craving but have no chance to buy or cook your favorite dish. One way to escape that feeling is to draw. It sounds crazy but what you imagine can turn into a masterpiece, if given a chance.

You can make it look real by adding various colors or staying with one color. It will be quick as you could imagine.

Your Favorite Anime

Perhaps you are currently watching an anime series and got addicted to the characters. Several aspiring artists are using anime on drawing because of its unique details. They are in a human form and are great subjects for art.

It demands a lot of time and effort to finish one anime character. The details can be tricky that only a skillful person can imitate. Begin by familiarizing how to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, and other important parts of the character’s body. You can seek help online, to begin with. Again, it can be timely and complex for first-timers.

A Movie Scene Inspiration

Watching a movie can bring inspiration to your next drawing project. Avoid stealing a movie scene for copyright purposes. Pick a scene that really inspires you to draw at the moment and make scenarios in your mind to add up ideas. This would be a fun experience to produce art out of movies that you did not expect coming.

Gratitude Drawing Ideas

What makes you grateful today? One self-care act is to list down every little thing that you are thankful for. Let us make a twist by drawing them on a sketchpad.

Are you glad to wake up this morning? Draw it out! Even the simplest thing that made you grateful is worthy to be sketched.

A Funny Outfit

Here is another drawing art you can try – a funny outfit. Most worn outfits originate on sketch pads like wedding gowns. They are all out of creative ideas before turning out good-looking.

However, making an original outfit can also begin with a drawing. Dressing up a scary monster with funny outfits, for example, would be fun and can spark your creativity. The overall design will all be up to you as long as it fits the character.

Monochrome Drawing Ideas

Trying out some more drawing techniques will enhance your skills greatly. That includes monochrome drawing with a result having various shading. It requires one colored pencil to create a single drawing with different levels of shading. Compared to other ideas, this one is more inventive and enjoyable to do.

Other Things You Should Know

The list of drawing ideas goes on and on. Nonetheless, doing artwork can be draining in the long run especially when it is not your passion. The following tips can help you be constant in producing art, despite possible tiredness.

Challenge Yourself

There is no growth without a challenge. This also applies to improving your drawing skills. Learn to limit your space, time, and materials in making an artwork. It will help you grow from time to time.

Make a To-Do List

If you are the kind of person who lists down everything that needs to be done, this tip is for you. It is difficult to stay motivated all the time, as there are days when someone cannot produce anything.

Be Consistent

Improving your previous artworks is one way to enhance your drawing skills. See parts that need changes and do not hesitate to retouch your work. Drawing ideas are constantly upgrading, make sure to always find something that will inspire you.

Have Fun

Once you do things for fun, it is impossible to feel unmotivated for a long time. Drawing something can be crucial for the first, second, and third time, but you will learn to embrace it. For most people, art brings comfort and therapy over unwanted emotions. It is an effective escape against worries and stresses in life.

Final Thoughts: Turning Life Goals Into Drawings

Sketching your life goals is one of today’s trends. It helps somebody envision the possible directions of life, like writing. So, we added drawing prompt ideas in connection with daily routines that have an impact on the future as your guide.

As an end, create a vision board where you can put a series of drawings. It involves both short and long-term goals in the form of a sketch. The best time to begin your first artwork is now!

Share your works in the comment to inspire others as well.

Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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