10 Most Viral Aaron Hernandez Quotes

“It was a complete and total shock to me, and unfortunately, CTE is not something that can be diagnosed in the living. So, until that happens, New England Patriots ’ll never know who is walking around with this silent killer.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.’ Hope y’all had a good one.”

— Aaron Hernandez

“A man died; this is about a man being killed. It’s unfortunate.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“As soon as they found out Aaron Hernandez — a celebrity football player for New England Patriots — was a friend of Odin Lloyd’s, it was over.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“I’m done with any visits, this is it. It’s over.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“We read in a press release that there were suicide notes. No one has called us about those suicide notes. We don’t know what those notes say.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“Aaron was not a killer, while he was a very flawed human being, he had many good qualities to him. And I think his legacy and the storyline have to deal with Aaron should be looked at a little bit differently.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“You get changed by the Bill Belichick way; you get changed by the Patriot Way.”

– Aaron Hernandez

“There’re 2 things I love in this world: Burritos and Murder.”

— Aaron Hernandez

“He was upset because he thought I was going there and I did give him my word on that.”

– Aaron Hernandez

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