31 Famous Audie Murphy Quotes

  1. “If you’re afraid of anything, why not take a chance and do the thing you fear.  Sometimes it’s the only way to get over being afraid.”
  2. “The way I see it, if you’re scared of something, you’d better get busy and do something about it.  I’d call that a challenge – and I believe that the way to grow is to meet all the challenges as they come along.”
  3. “War is like a giant packrat, it takes something from you and it leaves something behind in its stead.  It burned me out in some ways so that now I feel like an old man [at thirty-one] but still sometimes act like a dumb kid.  It made me grow up too fast.  You live so much on nervous excitement that when it is over you fall apart.”
  4. “I was scared before every battle. That old instinct of self-preservation is a pretty basic thing, but while the action was going on some part of my mind shut off and my training and discipline took over. I did what I had to do.”
  5. “I’ll tell you what bravery really is. Bravery is just determination to do a job that you know has to be done.”
  6. “Sometimes it takes more courage to get up and run than to stay. You either just do it or you don’t. I got so scared the first day in combat I just decided to go along with it.”
  7. “I’ve learned that the freedom I sought and found is not always freedom in the common sense of the word. As I see it, men fight for the right to give their independence to those who love and respect it.”
  8. “It doesn’t work,” Martinez declares. “I know an old girl who’s had dirt on her face from the time she got out of diapers; and she’s still as ugly as a horny toad. Lives in Fort Worth.”
  9. “No soldier ever really survives a war.”
  10. “It’s not easy to shed the idea that human life is sacred.”
  11. “Loyalty to your comrades, when you come right down to it, has more to do with bravery in battle than even patriotism does. You may want to be brave, but your spirit can desert you when things really get rough. Only you find you can’t let your comrades down and in the pinch they can’t let you down either.”
  12. “War robs you mentally and physically, it drains you. Things don’t thrill you anymore. It’s a struggle everyday to find something interesting to do.”
  13. “It’s out of mode nowadays to be patriotic. If you show patriotism you are considered a subversive.”
  14. “I’m just a friendly, sort of scrawny, freckled face kid from Texas, so how can anyone honestly expect me to maintain an air of superiority and romantic mystery?”
  15. “Fellow officer in the US Army: “Don’t let that baby face fool you, that’s the toughest soldier in the Third Division.”
  16. “I’m glad that it didn’t take as long to get Shepard off the ground as it’s taken this series. I’d begun to think the Congo would be ahead of us in the space race before Whispering Smith ever got on the air.”
  17. “I never like being called the ‘most decorated’ soldier.  There were so many guys  who  should  have  gotten  medals  and  never  did  –  guys  who  were  killed.”
  18. “Perhaps it is the knowledge that we carry in our hearts that nobody ultimately  wins. Somewhere we all go down. Force used tyrannically is our common enemy. Why align ourselves with it in whatever shape or fashion.”
  19. “I must have done some of my best fighting in a war I was in long before I joined the Army.  You might say there never was a ‘peace time’ in my life, a time when things were good…. It was a full time job just existing.”
  20. “You Do the Prayin’ and I’ll Do the Shootin’ ”
  21. “Let each man hear his own music and live by it. The drums roll one way for one man, and another way for another. You have to listen for your own.”
  22. “In life quality is what counts, not quantity.” “The real heroes of the war are those who never came home.”
  23. “The real heroes are dead.”
  24. “I’ll tell you what bravery really is.  Bravery is just the determination to do a job that you  know has to be done.”
  25. Bill Mauldin: “In him, we all recognized the straight, raw stuff, uncut and fiery as the day it left the still. Nobody wanted to be in his shoes, but nobody wanted to be unlike him, either.”
  26. “I know you people don’t want to stand in this hot sun any longer and just look at me.”
  27. “And freedom is what America means to the world.”
  28. “I Knew why I felt at home. The spirit of freedom was hovering over that play yard as it did all over France at that time. The country was free again.
  29. “After the war, they took Army dogs and rehabilitated them for civilian life. But they turned soldiers into civilians immediately, and let ‘em sink or swim.”
  30. “I was scared before every battle. That old instinct of self-preservation is a pretty basic thing, but while the action was going on some part of my mind shut off and my training and discipline took over. I did what I had to do.”
  31. “They were singing in French, but the melody was freedom and any American could understand that.”
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