Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

Have you ever felt the urge of wanting to live a healthy life? Perhaps dreaming of that perfect body everybody wants? Maybe you may even want to compete in sports events.

Staying fit and healthy is everybody’s goal in life. One can enjoy life better when they are always beneficial. One way of starting a healthy lifestyle is by regularly exercising.

These don’t have to be intense exercises. These can be as mild as doing yoga, walking, running, and jogging. The important thing is, you have to start as soon as possible.

One must be motivated every single day to get up early in the morning and perform exercises and workouts to get that ideal body that everybody dreams of.

Running is an excellent form of exercise, why you may ask? It targets your core muscles, leg muscles, respiratory and circulatory system, and improves overall fitness.

It improves your physical fitness and mental fitness because it can relieve a person from all the stress that they’re experiencing while enjoying the sceneries while running in different places.

This article will explain why running at least one mile a day is a huge step to your fitness journey and what you need to do to maintain and improve that fitness level.

Preparations You Need to Do Before Running a Mile a Day

So, you want to run at least a mile a day but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Running is an easy sport that everyone can do.

Running a Mile a Day

Unlike other sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and cycling, running does not require you to purchase extra equipment like a basketball or a volleyball or even a soccer ball; instead, it only needs you, the person that will run.

All you need is a pair of running shoes and suitable clothes that are perfect for the weather and you are good to go.

However, if you want to improve your running experience, you may want to try making a running schedule.

A running schedule is a list of places you need to go each day of the calendar. This means you already have a systematic way of running where every day there’s a different route.

Making a running schedule isn’t necessary, but it can increase your motivation in running since every new pavement/road you run on is different, which will keep you interested in running.

We have to make sure that you are always prepared before you go out there and do your daily runs. Here are some ways to be prepared:

  • Be Hydrated Before Runs

Being hydrated before running is a necessity to avoid dehydration during runs. Studies also show that being hydrated will decrease the fatigue a runner will experience after runs.

Staying hydrated will also make sure you have enough energy to run your route without getting tired so quickly.

  • Wear the Right Clothing and Footwear

Many people take footwear and clothing for granted. Most of them prefer inexpensive shoes over expensive shoes (that are more comfortable and suited for the person).

Your money should be invested in your health, that’s why you shouldn’t be so cheap in purchasing clothes and footwear.

Making sure that your shoes fit you is very important. You don’t want to experience discomfort while running for more extended periods. Better spend money on your footwear to improve comfort.

  • Bring Extra Money

Bringing extra money will help you a lot in emergencies. If you have not been into a crisis before, then consider yourself lucky.

Money is essential. For example, if you somehow found yourself lost in a town/city that you’re not familiar with, you can pay for a taxi and go home.

You can also use the money if you want to buy food and water, that’s why you must bring extra cash in your runs, you never know what situation you will get into, you should come prepared.

  • Bring a Phone (Optional)

Bringing a phone in your runs is optional but very helpful. If you want to get a phone with you, make sure you have an attachable phone holder that you can wear.

Holding your phone while running isn’t advised because it can have disadvantages, but if you currently don’t have a phone holder, then at least you have your phone with you.

This can be used to make emergency calls if you need someone to pick you up or need rescue from healthy volunteers.

  • Be Familiar with the Route You Are Running On (Optional)

If you’re a night runner, then this preparation might be a little more critical. Some night runners are careful with the areas they run if they get mugged/robbed in that area.

However, the chances of getting robbed while running is low since CCTVs monitor most streets. You should at least be aware of that possibility just in case it happens to you.

Being familiar with the place will significantly reduce the chances of you getting lost in that area.

Benefits of Running a Mile a Day

There are a lot of benefits to running at least a mile a day. Whether they are improving your physical and mental health, there are considerable benefits that come with running one mile a day.

Running a Mile

This doesn’t mean that you should only run one mile though, if you can take it, you should try running at least three miles a day. Constantly challenge yourself with more demanding activities.

  • Make New Friends

There are many runners in the world. Whether they run to compete or simply just enjoy the hobby, you can definitely make new friends while running.

Just having friends while running reduces fatigue. Having a conversation while running is both fun and enjoyable at the same time.

  • Explore New Sceneries

With running, you can go to new places with your own strength! You can enjoy the wind’s breeze, the scenery parks and cities have to offer.

If you want to be a long-distance, you can set a goal of kilometers to run in every week and explore a different location in each run. That way, you can efficiently enjoy long runs while exploring other areas.

  • Improve Your Mindset

Waking up early in the morning and getting prepared before your run requires a tremendous amount of hard work, effort, and discipline. This way, you’re used to disciplining yourself and improve your mindset.

Because of running, you can apply these principles to your daily lifestyle. For example, you can apply hard work and discipline in your studies by reducing your time spent on gadgets.

How Can Running a Mile a Day Improve My Health?

Running is a sport that requires you little-to-no equipment, which means it’s a sport that is accessible to pretty much everybody. Grab a pair of running shoes, and you can now call yourself a runner.

If you’re wondering, what health benefits are there for running one mile a day? Then here are few ideas of what running a mile a day can have a significant effect on your health:

  • Lose Weight and Stay in Good Shape

When you run a mile a day, you will definitely lose weight. That’s because if you’re new to running or run at least a mile a day, then you should constantly be sweating.

Sweating constantly makes you lose weight. Combined with the right diet plan, losing weight is very easy for runners.

Consistently running a mile a day can help your body maintain its shape for extended periods because you constantly have to work out all the core muscles and leg muscles while running.

  • Gain Muscle

Consistently running a mile a day will break down the same muscles you use every day. After the muscles have been broken down, it will grow to even stronger muscles when it fully recovers.

If you’re an overweight person looking to lose some fat and turn them into muscles, then running is a great sport to start your fitness journey.

  • Get Better Sleep

You must be wondering, “How am I going to get better sleep if I ran a mile a day?”, well, there’s actually a good reason for that.

Studies have shown that running a mile a day will give you better sleep because after running, your muscles feel relaxed, and being tired after a long run will make you sleep faster.

Running is a hobby some people do because they want to sleep well. They tire themselves out while exercising their body healthily and naturally.

  • Relieve Stress and Cure Depression

Some studies also show that running at least a mile a day consistently cures their depression. Running a mile a day distracts them from their sadness.

Running after a busy day relieves stress because it calms you down. Our brain releases endorphins after running. That’s why runners feel a little happier after they run.

You are also offered a break from the news. Most people are stressed out by the negative information they see, hear, or read from television and social media. You don’t have to worry about that while running.

  • Improve Your Cardiorespiratory Health

Running is very demanding when it comes to cardiovascular fitness. However, running a mile a day can improve your cardiorespiratory system adapt to the intensity of your daily runs.

If you’re a beginner at running, you may notice that you run out of breath quickly. That’s normal because our body isn’t used to that pace just yet.

Whether you’re doing one mile of strides (running for short bursts with an exaggerated running form) or running at a slower pace, you can definitely improve your breathing.

  • Improves Your Immune System

Running is a form of exercise that can improve your immune system. Why is this important? You are less likely to get diseases because your immune system is healthy.

You will be more resistant to modern viruses and diseases when you run one mile a day consistently. Exercise can help you keep a healthy body weight, improved circulation, and reduced blood pressure.

With a robust immune system, you will save a lot of money on medicines and hospital bills because having a solid immune system reduces cancer risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I run out of breath quickly?

This is one of the most common problems of new comments when new to jogging/running. A person runs out of breath quickly because their body is not used to the intensity of the workout.

First of all, it’s okay to run out of breath quickly. Everyone starts somewhere. All you have to do is consistently run every day. Your body will get used to the intensity after a few days.

How do I choose the proper footwear? Why is it important?

The most common way to select the appropriate footwear is to go to your local footwear shop and have the people in charge help you with fitting. They’ll assist you in choosing the right shoes for your size.

Having the proper footwear is important because nobody has the same foot. A foot of a person is unique. The way your foot lands on the ground is different for other people.

It can help you avoid common injuries. For example, wearing the wrong shoes can risk you having ankle injuries and, even worse, dislocation since your feet are not comfortable with the shoes you wear.

The best thing about running shoes is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money! Top-notch running shoes for newbies-amateur runners only cost around $100, which is considerably cheaper than shoes from other sports.

When should I start running?

The best answer to this question is, as soon as possible. You should not let laziness take over you when you want to do something.

If you can run and start today, then do it. One of the hardest things in training, working out, and staying fit is actually starting. Sometimes, it’s even harder to start a workout than actually the workout itself.

Convince yourself that you are going to do it today. Have enough motivation and confidence so that you can have a better life for yourself.

When’s the right time of the day to start running?

There’s no perfect time of the day to run. It’s all about preference. However, there are a few things you have to take note of before running at different times of the day.

Here are the different times of the day where you can run:

  • Early Morning

Many people find running in this time very comfortable. The sun isn’t out yet, and you feel the cold air on your skin. One of the best parts is, it’s still peaceful and quiet outside.

There are little-to-no cars available on the roads in this period and no sunlight, which means you’re not going to risk yourself getting a sunburn.

  • Midday

A midday run, however, is primarily for athletes doing their laps or long-distance runners. Athletes usually run in this period because they are busy training to improve or training for race events/marathons.

However, the sun is already out now, so if you can’t take the sun’s scorching heat for prolonged periods, you better not run in this period as it is not safe for you.

There are also a lot of cars on the road. This may be a hassle for you because it’s hard to maintain a fast pace when many things you have to look out for, especially in cities.

  • Afternoon

An afternoon run is a somewhat perfectly balanced time for running. The sun’s heat isn’t that hot anymore, and there are fewer cars and vehicles on the roads, which makes a perfect time for running.

Most people are also available around this period which makes running even more fun and enjoyable with friends.

  • Evening

This time is also a preferred time for running by most people because there’s no sunlight and it’s cool in the night, which makes for a perfect evening jog/run.

Since people are going to their homes after work, there are fewer cars on the streets and roads. Make sure you’re running on a well-lit area to ensure you don’t risk having an accident by tripping on something.

Can newbies run a mile?

Yes! Newbies can definitely run a mile. It’s not about how fast you finish the mile. It’s all about completing the mile itself.

As a newbie, you don’t have to run at a high pace just to finish something you’ve never done before. You have to take things slow, according to what your body can handle.

Should I listen to music while running?

If you can, then you should. Listening to music while running is an excellent way of entertaining yourself while running.

You can use a phone holder attached to your hips or upper arm and use some Bluetooth-activated earphones to make sure you use wireless hearing technology.

Although it’s a great way to entertain you, there are also some safety tips you have to take note of before running with music.

You should not listen to music on busy roads. After all, you might end up being in a car accident because you can’t hear the cars/vehicles around you.

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