Best Laxatives for Weight Loss: Are They Safe and Effective?

It is always interesting how the weight loss niche has so many methods, and each one claiming to be the best.

If someone told you that laxatives could help with weight loss, you would think that such a person is crazy. However, that is a possibility too if you get the best laxatives for weight loss.

Laxatives on their own are known for helping someone detox the body to get rid of toxins and additionally improve their digestive system health. As such, more people would consider using them more often in case they easily get bloated, or it is time for a nice cleansing of their colon.

Since the topic of weight loss can be controversial, I will take more time to take you through the importance of laxatives, how they can be useful for weight loss, and tell you if they are necessary to consider for weight loss applications.

What are Laxatives?

Laxatives can be described as medications suitable for treating constipation or bloating in a person. The medication works by encouraging bowel movements or loosening stool so that you can pass it better.

Most people have had their fair share of experiences with constipation. Most people consider laxatives as they are quite effective for relieving a person from such discomfort.

The causes of constipation vary from one person to another. Some include certain medications, lifestyle changes, dietary issues, and more. If you do not take care of constipation, it can lead to anal fissures or hemorrhoids. So, it might be a good idea to have laxatives in your medicine cabinet.

You could still improve your diet to encourage better bowel movements naturally. This is because relying on laxatives all the time might not be ideal in the long run.

Types of Laxatives

Like any other health niche, you are likely to be bombarded with many options as laxatives. They will mostly have different ways of operating. Some can be used in an oral form while others as a rectal suppository.

Here are the common types of laxatives you would get in the market.

Stool softeners

The work of such laxatives is easy to tell from the name. Well, their work is to help reduce the stain you might face while pooping. They work by mixing moisture into the dry hard stools.


The lubricants work by coating the bowel and stool with mineral oil. As a result, the stool remains soft and moist. So, the stool will easily come out of the GI tract without struggling.

These types of lubricants come in the form of a rectal suppository.

Bulking Agents

These laxatives will mostly provide the digestive tract with fiber supplements crucial for improving digestion. The fibers will absorb liquid in the intestines to swell and form large, soft, and bulky stools. The result is that the user will experience a normal bowel movement.


These laxatives work by drawing water from body tissues commonly found in the colon. The water is necessary for softening the stool and improving your bowel movements.


These laxatives will trigger contractions in the intestinal wall muscles. As a result, the contractions will move the stool easily along your GI tract. The result is that you end up passing the stool better than before.

These laxatives are available as either a rectal suppository or oral form.

From the different laxatives mentioned above, it is easy to pick the correct one after understanding how they work.

Best Three Laxatives for Weight Loss

  1. NatureWise Herbal Laxative Supplement

Detoxing your colon is a nice way of initiating weight loss. Even if you decide to workout more often, a bit of laxative can help in cleaning your colon better and further lose weight.

So, how will this laxative support weight loss? The laxative will generally improve the digestion in your body so that you can feel lighter than before. Also, the product improves the metabolism in your body.

Maybe you have read a lot of negativity about laxatives, but that is not what happens with this one. It is a safe and natural formula aimed at improving your digestion, among other benefits.

Some of the notable ingredients include chlorophyll, Triphala, aloe vera, and chicory root fiber. The result of using such a laxative is that it will also alleviate bloating you might have been experiencing lately.

The manufacturer also claims that the laxative will be great for your GI tract as it offers a detox process. Most people who have tried the laxative before agree it helps to keep indigestion to a minimum.

  1. Super Star Nutrition Colon Cleanser and Diet Pills

This product wears many hats in the sense it can help in cleansing your body and still promote weight loss at the same time. To make this possible, it has psyllium fiber as the main ingredient. The fiber will pass through the digestive system removing toxins and aiding weight loss in the process.

Sometimes you might feel bloated due to the type of food you eat. You can always consider these pills to relieve you from such discomfort. Ensure that you use the laxative as directed on the package. This is because laxatives are not meant to be overused.

The product is made of natural ingredients. The manufacturer uses high-quality ingredients to ensure that the laxative can be safe for the user. No one wants to use a laxative that would lead to allergies or more trouble.

The product is made in the USA. For most people, this statement is an assurance that the manufacturer followed the right steps to make the product.

It is still an affordable product. So, if you are on a budget, this is a supplement you can get to improve your digestive health.

  1. Youth & Tonic Colon Cleanser for Belly Waste Loss

This is among the best laxatives for weight loss because of its ingredients. The manufacturer understands the importance of safety; thus the reason this is among the safest laxatives to use.

The product is also a top choice for weight management programs. This is because the kit has an amazing formula you can use for 15 days to detox the body, clean the colon, and watch your weight drop.

The laxative is still great for those in the market for more probiotics. This is thanks to the active probiotics that will help you handle digestion better than before. The probiotics will also improve the gut’s environment as a way of keeping it more efficient.

Other than improving your stomach’s condition, the same is great for those who want to have regular bowel movements. Many who have tried this product have positive things to say about its performance. They were able to feel lighter because their bowel movements improved.

There are many other ingredients from the packaging, such as apple cider vinegar, glucomannan, apple pectin, psyllium husk, and more. They are all about improving the health of the user.

Will Laxatives Help Lose Fat?

When you decide to opt for laxatives for weight loss, one of the questions would be will it help in losing fat?

We all know that the best ways to lose weight involve shedding the stubborn fat. That is highly unlikely to happen with laxatives.

When you start using laxatives, the chances are you will see a drop in your weight when standing on a scale. However, the drop in weight in most cases will be water weight. This type of weight loss is mostly temporary and will not change the body fat composition.

Experts claim little to no fat will be lost when using laxatives.

Weight loss is not something you would achieve by using the best laxatives in the market. You still have to combine them with exercising and dieting.

The good news is that some laxatives can still serve as diet pills. They will be great for helping you feel fuller while at the same time improve your bowel movements. If the pills can help keep the calories low, go ahead to use them.

Even if it might seem like a good idea to use laxatives for longer to see more weight loss, that is highly discouraged. Sometimes you may end up harming your GI tract rather than helping.

“Effects of Long-Term Use of Laxatives for Weight Loss”

  • Dehydration

Most of the laxatives work by drawing water from the tissues to soften stool or encourage bowel movements. When this happens, you will easily end up dehydrated.

Dehydration is not good for your body. This is because cell functions slow down the same as the brain function and metabolic rate. So, you might do more harm to the body rather than help.

  • Experience electrolyte imbalance

The electrolytes are vital for the proper functioning of the cells. Some of the electrolytes include sodium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and more. Whenever an electrolyte imbalance happens in the body, you will end up feeling dizzy, headaches, muscle fatigue, heart palpitations, and feeling weak.

  • GI Tract Damage

Another possible side effect of using laxatives for weight loss is that they can end up irritating the GI tract lining. As such, you will end up with inflammation and lower functionality in the tract.

  • Liver damage

Taking many chemicals over several weeks can be bad for your liver. Even if the manufacturer claims it is a herbal laxative, it can still have the same effect on your liver.

Other side effects you may experience include dizziness, nausea, abdominal cramps, and more.


Laxatives can only be good for weight loss if the pills are also made to work as diet pills. If they are not made as diet pills, they will only lead to temporary weight loss rather than proper weight loss. You may want to consider using other weight loss methods such as dieting if you want to maintain a proper weight loss journey.

Since you will mostly lose water weight with laxatives, it is easy to regain the weight after you stop using laxatives quickly.

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