17 Crazy Things to Do | The Ultimate Bucket List Ideas

Getting out of your comfort zone most of the time adds up excitement to your story. These crazy moments are the ones we are afraid of doing but actually fun and adventurous.

It might be jumping on a cliff for the first time or just donating blood for a loved one. Both can be challenging and yet create memories you can treasure for the rest of your life.

Have you ever tried making a bucket list ideas? Now, let’s create one with a twist!

We will be sharing random crazy things below and you can select which you will do before you die. All items are guaranteed safe, as long as it suits your budget and dreams. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section for other readers to experience as well.

Let’s get it started, and you should give it a try!

Picking A Random Flight

Perhaps you are planning to travel but have no idea where to go. The first thing you should add to your bucket list is booking a random flight. It sounds crazy and expensive but could satisfy your wildest dreams so far.

It works this way. First, go to the nearest airport with all the stuff you will need, including a passport, extra money, OOTD clothes, and a bag packed. Make sure to bring them all to better enjoy your amazing trip.

Second, pick a place by choosing an airline and time of flight from the board. That is why it is called a “random” flight, it does not matter where you’d land.

What makes this idea more exciting? Once the plane lands off, you will be surprised which country you will spend days and nights with. Truly, a crazy experience!


Flying in space is not everyone’s strength. It is indeed amazing and yet can trigger your fear of height. Imagine jumping off a plane with a parachute and what goes next depends on the wind’s direction. That experience itself is very frightening, which only experts can do.

Skydiving, however, could be your dream once in your life. It is one of the most adventurous things you can write on your bucket list. No worries, there will be an expert who will jump with you for the first time.

This is somewhat expensive but will give you an unforgettable experience through time. You will see the entire landscape from above and just forget the feeling of floating in the air. Take photos while flying to have something to treasure.

Again, it is a fearful thing to do especially for first-timers but will keep you safe and sound until landing off.


If you are an adventurous type of person, paragliding is worthy to be added to your bucket list. It is different from skydiving and will give you another level of experience. This requires a pro trainer to enhance safety, as no one can do paragliding alone. It takes courage to start floating in the sky, with all protection gears.

Paragliding is available in Turkey on top of turquoise waters and amazing beaches. It is an overwhelming thing to do together with your loved ones.

At first, it can be scary because of the feeling of uncertainty. What if the rope breaks? Will I fall into deep waters? Experts have got your back and will keep you safe.

You can take pictures to keep as a souvenir, as you cross out paragliding on your bucket list.

Wing Walking

Wing walking is simply standing and doing aerobics on a plane. It is not for faint-hearted individuals and can be dangerous for first-timers. This will require skills and more time of practice as it can risk your life.

You will work with a skilled pilot flying a plane. It will perform some aerobatic maneuvers while you will be strapped on the wing of the plane. Make a move to impress the crowd, keeping your safety in mind.

This item is very unusual to be added to a bucket list due to possible dangers. But we are talking about “crazy” things, so wing walking has passed on the criteria. Better contact reliable pilots and aerobic experts to keep you guided.

Cage Diving With Sharks

Wait, did I say sharks, the most deadly animal we may encounter from deep oceans? You might be freaking out right now, but cage diving with sharks is one of the top bucket list items. For our faint-hearted readers, it is OK just to keep the idea on the list and try some other thing.

However, cage diving with sharks is quite safe. The truth is that experts do recommend this activity in some ocean spots like Maldives, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.

First of all, the person taking the challenge will stay in a secured cage. The only crazy part is seeing sharks up close, a few meters away. This will make your stomach boil in a second and it can be scary. You must not panic while in the water as it can trigger the sharks to attack. Keep away any part of your body from the bars.

Give A Free Hug

The previous idea is very traumatic, so here is something anyone must be longing for these days – a free hug. Since coronavirus happened, physical contacts are limited. It is a sad moment for everyone, so people are making ways to still hug their loved ones while abiding by protocols. Some use plastic to avoid the transmission of the virus and to feel a warm hug at the same time.

Before Corona, some foreign countries were doing this idea of giving a free hug to a stranger. Nobody knows how a person is feeling on that day, perhaps the stress of work. A random hug can help ease the pain of life away.

This act also promotes letting go of the fear of rejection. What if a stranger will not respond or just push you away? Do not feel bad anyway, you are just being nice.

Road Trip With No Planned Destination

This differs from the first bucket list. It involves a long road trip with the people dearest to you. There will be no plans at all, just enjoy passing the road while listening to your favorite music. It can be costly in gas, but worth the experience.

When we say “road trip”, it could be in different places and just be mesmerized by whatever you passed by. It is simply wandering off the land, meeting new faces and places the first time. This would be more fun when you and your friends decide to stopover from one place to another.

Traveling with no plans is more unforgettable that can form many stories to tell in the next generations. It includes taking a bath in public toilets or at any place you passed by, or being short on a budget that going home turned impossible. That is crazy and fun at the same time.

Visit a Haunted Place

Some of the crazy things that are bucket-list worthy are the creepy ones. Have you ever visited a real haunted place? Those are not scripted or filled with fake ghosts. When all you want is to scream out loud and discover dark tourism, going to haunted places is a perfect idea for you.

There are a lot of haunted locations across the world that you can find. It could be a haunted hotel, forest, cave, or an old asylum. Experiencing such an adventure is best during the Halloween season to better feel the atmosphere.

You may choose to spend the night in dark places, which sounds creepy but a new trend now. It is not a common thing to do however could be fun and unforgettable.

Dog Sledding

Who among you loves winter sports? Dog sledding can satisfy your dream to play in a snowy place, for example in Norway. Plus, you will finally watch the Northern lights while enjoying your company with dogs.

This works with the help of big dogs dragging you around the snow. Be mindful and hold on tight to avoid any injuries. You might feel the rush in your heart, but dog sledding is a safe sport.

Just feel relaxed as the dogs run fast over the snow. They are well-trained, so no worries. Enjoy the mountain sceneries and the cold breeze to feel even more incredible. You are free to scream but not too much as the dogs might be shocked.

Honestly, this is one of my bucket lists too. My love for dogs plus the cold weather is a perfect combination for a trip.

Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding is an alternative to dog sledding. It is more extreme and nerve-wracking because of the location, a live volcano. The most famous place for volcano boarding is in Nicaragua, at Cerro Negro to be exact.

As an overview, this volcano erupted in 1999 and from then on many boarders began to explore the place. It is a good place for hiking and mojitos as well.

The very first thing to endure is climbing an active volcano that will take hours before reaching the peak. Be aware of loose rocks and be fully geared to avoid possible injuries. Once you are on top, take some rest and breathe for a while.

Here is when boarding starts. It will be a rough slide on an intense surface, and so wearing a protective suit and goggles is recommended. Boarders may choose to stand or sit down while cruising over the ground. The average speed of a boarder is 80-kilometers per hour. Do not worry as experts can teach you the techniques to board safely.

Finland’s Ice Swimming

There is nothing crazier than swimming on icy water in Finland. Taking a bath during winter is already challenging, how about in a literal ice bath? It could freeze you to death.

Finland residents are immune to ice swimming, but people on the other side of the world are not. This is part of Finnish custom – to dig a hole and find frozen water, and then take a bath. Many videos online can prove that is real.

For all tourists, it is advisable to heat up in a sauna before going to the icy hole. This can help a little to minimize feeling cold. But surely, you will still shiver from head to toe.

Getting a Tattoo

Many cultures do not allow getting a tattoo for some reasons. But, having one can make you look cool and add up fashion in you. We are not promoting breaking the rules here, anyways. This is just a recommendation to complete your bucket list. The decision will be all up to you!

As we continue, getting a tattoo may symbolize something somewhat memorable in anyone’s life. It can be big or small, colorful or not. We recommend starting with small tattoos not to regret anytime. The process is painful and takes time for healing, however, the final look can be overwhelming.

Perhaps some of you are planning to have tats years ago and here is a confirmation. Think of a design or text that is significant to you. This is once in a lifetime experience so make the best out of it.

Eat Weird Foods

Foods are the best parts of every trip. Every nation has delicacies to offer that can only be found in that particular place. What about trying the weirdest food ever at each place you are going to?

We often watch people eating strange foods on television shows, like why are they doing that? It is disgusting to see and can be unprofessional. To mention a few weird foods include live insects, crispy tarantulas, maggots, and many more. Notwithstanding their identities, these creatures are really edible and safe for humans.

Do you still want a crazy thing to do? Try these wonderful foods and you will realize they really taste good. In fact, most of them are nutritious and good for your health.

Attend a Music Festival

If you are not a life-of-a-party kind of person, this sounds crazy. We believe your friends are constantly asking you to go out with them at least once. Going to a music festival may not be your comfort zone, as it drains so much energy in you. Thus, a perfect item to add to your bucket list!

It is very much okay to get out of your shell once in a while and just enjoy. Most people have a dream of meeting their beloved band and sing out loud in a crowd. Well, I am one of those humans. Can you please fulfill that one-of-a-kind dream of many?

A music festival often happens in summer, depending on your location. Book a ticket ahead of time not to lose the best spot in the venue. Some events may offer liquors for everyone, with additional pay.

Prank Someone

Have you ever been pranked? That feels disgusting and annoying at the same time. A lot of prank ideas are done on the internet by famous YouTube vloggers.  The question is, have you tried pranking someone? Maybe you can add this to your bucket list and be glad about the results.

All you need is a phone camera and a concrete idea of how to pull over the prank. Film each moment by hiding the cameras and choose a group that won’t get offended by the prank.

You can search prank ideas online for more details. This will be fun and exciting with your friends and families.

Go on a Blind Date

Have not met a man/girl of your dreams yet? Several online dating sites do exist to help someone finally find a partner. It worked well for some who tried and there are others unlucky enough. Meeting a complete stranger can put you at extreme risk, but give it a try.

Sometimes we expect too much that we forget to enjoy and have fun. That is the purpose of blind dates, to be surprised in a moment.

We urge you to add this item to your bucket list, but make sure you are at the right age. It will be fun, they said.

 Write a Book

Most authors spend a lifetime finishing a book. And, it has been read by thousands of people around the world. So, the final item you may add to your bucket list is to tell your story. It can be awkward to be an open book but can help to change someone’s life.

Not everyone has the opportunity to write a book, that idea itself is crazy. Begin with small phrases and make them grow into pages. You may not see results in the beginning and that’s completely okay.

It is crazy to think that the next best-seller book is the one you wrote, yet possible.

Final Say

The items for your bucket list go on and on. Now is the best time to try something new and enjoy life. Be with people you trust and dream to have fun with. I hope to see you crossing out some of your to-do lists. And, find out more crazy things to do.  

Share your bucket list journey below to inspire other readers to create one!

Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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