Top 25 Francisco Pizarro Quotes

1. “Save you all. My name is Francisco Pizarro. I’m a bastard, and a soldier of Spain. Once, the world could have had me for a petty farm, two rocky fields, and a señor to my name. But the world said no. Said no and said no. Well, now the world is going to remember me!”

2. “You’ll have to furnish me with a better argument before I give up Atahualpa!”

3. “Prepare your hearts as a fortress, for there will be no other.”

4. “You know lives have no weight. Ten cannot be added up to outbalance one.”

5. “Choose, each man, what best becomes a brave Castilian. For my part, I go to the south.”

6. “Let no one, who values his life, strike at the Inca.”

7. “Your Majesty, your court is filled with cold, precise, perfect men. They’re all something.”

8. “But they dare not dream for fear of making a mistake, so they do nothing! What I ask you, Your Majesty, is how long can Spain endure doing nothing?”

9. “What treason is this that you have meditated against me? Me, who have ever treated you with honor, confiding in your words, as in those of a brother. ”

10.  “No man should think of going forward in this expedition, who could not do so with this whole heart, or who had the least misgiving as to its success.”

11.  “Choose. You may return to the poverty of Panama or cross this lane and come with infinite dangers but even wealth.”

12.  “Friends and comrades! On that side [the south] are toil, hunger, nakedness, the drenching storm, desertion, and death; on this side ease and pleasure.”

13.   “I have not come here for such reasons. I have come to take away their gold.”

14. “ There lies Peru with its riches; here, Panama and its poverty.“

15.  “If you do not accept the yoke of the Church and the King of Spain, I will make  war on you everywhere in every way that I can.”

16. “The death and destruction will be your fault.”

17.  “M’lord, you shouldn’t anger our holy men. You promised me you wouldn’t.”

18. “I know your word… death.”

19.   “Father, I do not know love. But if I have none for Atahualpa, what can I ever  know of it?”

20.   “Your people let you stay with me because they knew I could not kill you?”

21.  “As we do yours. All day you play at being God. You only hate my Inca because  he does it better!“

22. “I despise you! ‘Kill who I bid you kill, and I will pardon it’? You with your milky fingers, forcing in the blade?”

23.   “How dare you priests bless a man going into battle? ‘Rip!’ you scream.“

24.  “Tear, blind, in the name of Christ!”

25.   “Tell me, soft Father – if Christ were here, would He kill the Inca?”

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