11 Reasons Why Helping Others Will Make You Live a Better Life

There is always a nice feeling that comes with helping other people. You might feel you made a difference in someone’s life at some point. It is why more people would be wondering, are there more benefits to helping others?

Below are some of the reasons that would make you consider helping others even more often. Let us check them out.

  1. Get connected to other people

For the most part, humans are generally social beings. This means you need to connect with other people as a way of experiencing optimal psychological health. Each time you help someone, you would feel connected to them. At least they would go on with their lives knowing someone cares enough about them.

Helping can go beyond simple one-on-one connections. Let us say you help an organization that deals with providing food to low-income homes. You would have made their lives better while at the same time connect with such families even more.

  1. Helping helps acquire new skills

Helping can help in building new skills over time. This is especially if you take up on different projects different from what you are used to doing.

Let us you plan an event when you are a banker by profession. As you can see, by the time the event is over, you would have acquired several skills on setting up an event and having people come together to have fun. The same applies if you volunteer to help rebuild homes for victims affected by storms.

  1. You can feel grateful for what you have

There are times when you might have to help some people get the basic human needs. This could be food, shelter, proper health, and clothes. They might have seemed as nothing before, but once you see someone else happy because of your help, you would feel it was worth it.

At this point, you would have gratitude for what you already own. You can be even inspired to help more people who might have going through similar problems.

  1. You will improve your relationships

Each time you help someone, you should be able to create and improve new and existing relationships. Helping people will generally introduce you to many other new people. These people can become friends, colleagues, and sometimes mentors.

Do not worry if some people might find you too generous as it can always spill over to benefit even your existing relationships. Each time you help others, your interactions become better with other people around you. That is how you end up generally improving your relationships.

  1. It may help you live longer

You might not think it is such a big deal, but helping others can be quite the motivator. Several studies have shown that whenever you help others, you can experience physiological effects too. You can be sure to enjoy more benefits in the long term such as living longer.

When you consistently help other people, you may experience lower blood pressure, lower stress, being generally happy, and so much more. Thus, it is the reason you would want to help other people even more.

  1. Expand your identity even more

Psychology has repeatedly shown us that you should not be too myopic. You can always look at your life in different ways. That is why you may want to expand your identity and let people know you in different ways.

A good example is when you can be a parent, a volunteer, community member, manager, and so much more. Being in such many positions could help you enjoy the sense of belonging plus you get to help a lot more people.

  1. You build your reputation as a giver

Each time you offer your help, more people are likely to come to you for your contribution in different matters. It is possible some might feel they are being used, but that is not always the case. Sometimes getting more requests can be opportunities in disguise. That is how sometimes you can end up expanding your business.

More people who are philanthropic always end up opening more professional and personal doors than what they would have imagined before. As such, they would end up getting their reputation rated higher as givers.

  1. Helping can boost your self-esteem

It is possible that at some point you would be feeling low. An extra boost in your self-esteem can go a long way to making you feel better and important. If that is something you would want, go ahead and help someone. You would feel that because of your input, someone somewhere would have a better life too.

Seeing another person helped can help in improving your confidence too. You might have been worried that your input might not have been worth it, but helping generally leaves you feeling better in the end. You might even do it more often to help others be happy too.

  1. You could be stressed out for not helping

Not helping other people can sometimes lead to stress. Researchers have done experiments before to see how some situations would lead to release of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone released as a sign of stress. So, if you are not getting the help or helping others, the chances are you might experience a rise in this hormone.

Try to help someone afford a meal for the day. You will be surprised at how it makes you feel generally in the end. It is more reason you would find more people now enjoying the act of helping other people more often.

  1. Helping can build your resume

Whenever you help people, you can end up generating skills and experiences to add to your resume. That is how you would end up building the resume to excellent levels when your competitors have the usual stuff added to their resumes.

Having such additional content on your resume shows that you are a well-rounded person. That would be more reason some people would be comfortable using you for certain jobs.

  1. Helping can be contagious

Each time you help a person, it sometimes leads to a chain reaction of those people helping others too. Now you can imagine living in a society where you help each other get better. You will find the whole community being better generally.

So, start helping other people today and see how it may help you see other people getting help because of something you started.

Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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