How Many Apples in a Pound, Cup, Peck Or Bushel?

Apples are famous fruits you can get in different grocery stores around the world. People love them because of how they taste and the various health benefits a person gets from eating apples more often.

Apples can be eaten raw or cooked. Yes, it is interesting that you can have cooked apples. The nutrition benefits will make it more interesting that you might end up considering eating such apples more often.

If you plan on cooking apples, you would have the question, how many apples in a pound? Or how many apples in a cup? And more. These are all important questions to help you understand the quantity of apples you might need for a certain recipe.

Below, I look at all the different quantities of apples in various scenarios. Let us see what you can get with such quantities of measure below.

How Many Apples in a Pound?

It will depend on the size of apples in question. If you have medium apples, 3 are equivalent to a pound. As for large apples, 2 should be enough in a pound.

1 pound of apples can get you an average of 1 1/3 cups of applesauce. So, if you like applesauce, you now know how much you need to make one cup.

How Many Apples in a Cup?

If you are asking this question, the chances are you want to cook with it. Well, it is nice to know how many slices would be good for your recipe.

To understand how many apples are in a cup, we consider one pound of apples. When one pound of apples is peeled and sliced, you will get up to four cups.

On average, you will need one small apple to fill a cup or half a large apple to fill a standard cup.

Some recipes might need grated apples. In this case, having one pound of apples can get you two and half cups of grated apples.

As for applesauce, you will get up to one and half cups from one pound of apples.

So far, you can see how one pound of apples can have multiple applications, depending on your application.

How Many Apples in a Peck?

Some people love to buy a lot of apples at once. This is because buying the apples by the peck means you save more money. However, you may have to visit an orchard or a famer’s market as not all grocery stores will sell their fruits in bulk.

So, what is a peck? A peck is a unit of measure in terms of volume rather than the pound mentioned above. One peck is the equivalent of 9 ½ US quarts.

A peck would hold an equivalent of 13 pounds. So, the number of apples in a peck depends on their size.

Quick math shows that a peck will fit 26 large apples, 52 small apples, or 39 medium apples.

How Many Apples in a Bushel

You are likely to come across the term bushel. Do not worry, it is another unit of measure depending on the fruits, nuts, grain, or vegetables you have to measure.

It is why a bushel of corn would weigh more than a bushel of tomatoes or apples.

Focusing on apples, a bushel of apples weighs around 47 pounds.

On average, a bushel should hold about 125 medium apples. This should be enough apples to yield 15 quarts of applesauce or 15 apple pieces.

To put it into context, eating an apple daily from a bushel should last for three months or more.

Keep in mind the bushel weight can vary from place to place. Ensure that you understand the weight of a bushel before buying the apples using such a unit of measure.

What are the Differences Between Medium and Large Apples?

You have probably come across the terms large, small, or medium apples. However, what kind of size can you expect for each category so that you can classify the apples better?

Well, the apples are mostly classified based on their diameter. Small apples have a 2 ¼-inch diameter, medium apples have a 2 ¾-inch diameter, and large apples have a 3 3/4 -inch diameter. All these sizes are approximate.

So, the next time you want to buy apples based on their size, consider the sizes mentioned above to classify them correctly.

Cooked Vs. Raw Apples

You may want to embrace cooked apples just as raw apples. This is because they too have multiple benefits too for your body. Let us learn more about them below.

Are Cooked Apples Still Healthy?

Yes. Both raw and cooked apples have health benefits. However, the cooked apples are ideal for your gut health.

Let us start with raw apples before getting to cooked apples. The raw apples will benefit the user with nutrients such as potassium and vitamin C. It is why apples would be ideal for reducing risks of asthma, diabetes, and heart disease.

As for the stewed or cooked apples, they have all those benefits with gut healing pectin as an extra benefit. Pectin is a special fiber that apples release during the cooking process. Several studies show that this fiber can be great for maintaining the intestinal mucosa lining.

So, how will the pectin further improve gut health. Here is how;

  1. It helps reduce inflammation
  2. It will get rid of toxins in your gut
  • The stewed apples modulate gut bacteria

As much as you can get pectin in raw apples, you will always get more benefits after cooking the apples.

Whenever you see the apples develop a gel-like coating, you should know pectin has been successfully released. Go ahead and enjoy a nice bowl of stewed apples to experience more health benefits.

  • Should you cook the apples with their skin

Even if you remove the skin, you are still likely to experience pectin. However, you lose more on the other nutrients that might help with gut healing if you remove the apple skin.

The apple skin has multiple nutrients such as minerals, polyphenols, and fiber. There is also quercetin that provides the body with anti-inflammatory effects.

If you ever decide to stew the apples with their skins, consider the organic apples. This is because such apples tend to be pesticide-free thus safer for you.

  • Are stewed apples great for constipation?

Still on understanding the benefits of stewed apples, you are likely to find them ideal for alleviating constipation. This is because the apples are full of fiber.

The insoluble fiber in apples will increase stool bulk, while the soluble fiber will increase the water content. So, these two will help move stool through your digestive system easily.

Stewed apples also has dysbiosis, crucial for supporting better digestion generally.

  • Are cooked apples acidic?

If you want to enjoy cooked apples more often, you would also have this question. Well, apples have a pH rating of 3 to 4. This means apples are acidic even in their raw form. Does it change when stewed? No. Apples remain acidic even after cooking.

As much as they might be acidic, they would not have the acidic effect on your body. The pH of your body is tightly controlled and food cannot easily change it. So, you should feel safe when eating apples more often.

Common Substitutions to Apples

You may have come across the phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but sometimes a different fruit can still have the same effect.

It is why this section looks at some of the fruits you could use in the place of apples to enjoy various health benefits.

  • Pears and peaches are still ideal for cooking too just like apples. These fruits can be found in recipes such as fruit pies, pancakes, poached fruits, and more.
  • Papayas will have similar nutrition as in apples. The best part is that a papaya would have more fiber than when eating apples. You could toss a papaya in salads containing cucumbers, lime juice, salt, and chili powder. It is quite the experience.
  • Quinces are also great apple substitutes. These fruits are also denser, but not as sweet as apples. So, when you need to adjust your recipe to make it less sweet, you can always use quinces. The fruit can be mixed with honey, vanilla bean, lemon juice, and sugar for a nice afternoon treat.
  • The fresh pineapples will also be great to replace apples in different recipes. It is why more people would be comfortable buying multiple pineapples to spice up their treats.
  • Coffee cakes and baked muffins could also use raspberries and blueberries instead of apples. This should help make the muffins have different flavors to consider.

Those are a few substitutes you can consider instead of apples. As such, you can have different recipes for different occasions.


If you ever decide to get yourself apples for cooking or any other application, now you know how to pick the right amount. If you were not sure about the price of apples per pound, this guide has given you an idea based on the number of apples in a pound.

As such, the next time you are coming up with recipes, the units of measure mentioned above should help you pick the right amount you need.

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