15 Interesting Things Smart People Do

Intelligence is one of the most valued virtues today. Why would you be considered intelligent? Some say you are born with intelligence but that has not always been the case. You can acquire intelligence.

The environment you are in will majorly affect your way of thinking and brain skills. Whatever the situation, intelligent people have shown similar characteristics in terms of behavior and a lot of things.

Here are some of the things that I found out that smart people do.

1. Smart people mind their businesses

Intelligent people stay away from judging and gossiping about others as much as possible. Petty talks do not interest them at all. They are never bothered by whatever happens in other people’s lives.

According to research, intelligent people often do well when left alone to do their things. This may be misinterpreted as being lone rangers but they are not. Their brains function better when there is space to breathe and no distractions.

2. They listen to music often

I bet everyone listens to music and you know how it feels. However, there are those always spotted with earphones or earbuds, are the true geniuses. Studies have shown that people who know how to play musical instruments have higher intelligence levels.

The intelligent prefer mostly the music with no vocals. They would rather listen to beats than listen to many meaningless lyrics. If you like rhythms and beats over words, you have to consider yourself more intelligent than you think you are.

3. They do not act irresponsibly

Some people may mistake this to mean that smart people are boring or they do not have fun. They have fun, drink, and have a good laugh sometimes. Being responsible does not mean you become uninteresting. It only means that you have organized your life more.

Smart people do not ignore their responsibilities for no valid reason. The consequences of being irresponsible is a more stressful future. I think we have all experienced this when we procrastinate doing our jobs. Smart people use what they have learned from such inconveniences to get better.

4. They do not dwell on their errors

Human is to error. You could have a great idea but on presenting it, the general public has different views. Directors have made poor movies; companies have come up with bad products. All these can feel humiliating but what matters is how you react.

If something fails, smart people start all over again evaluating where they went wrong. Listen to your audience rather than focusing on your brilliant vision. They will give you a clear path that you will need to follow. Do not try to disapprove of them as this will only make things worse.

Giving up sometimes is not a bad option. It is ok provided you know the right time to give up. This will not make you weak or a fool but rather give you more time to work on coming back.

5. They admit to committing mistakes

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, says that the best sign of intelligence is for someone to accept their mistakes and learn from them. Nobody can be perfect. The most intelligent people come forward and accept committing wrongdoings.

A smart brain understands another person’s view and finds the wrong in oneself. This is why smart people make better leaders as they can understand situations.

6. They do not talk too much

Intelligent people spend most of their time surrounded by their thoughts. This is why they do not participate in useless chats or conversations. You may misunderstand them to be introverted but they are not.

There are signs that you get from intelligent people not participating in the conversation. They include;

  • They do not care at all and would rather do something more productive than gossip
  • They are too logical to contribute to the conversation if it does not benefit them

Do you relate to the above? You can then evaluate how intelligent you are.

7. They are curious

Intelligent people are always looking for answers and never leave a stone unturned. Mysteries just intrigue them and they try to find out more. Studies have shown that having the curiosity to learn more is a sign of higher intelligence.

Smart people read a lot of books to satisfy their quenching thirst for answers. They often keep a diary so that they can take notes. Are you curious enough to be considered intelligent?

8. They do not overestimate their abilities

The brightest of people have some of the most tragic downfalls. It is simply because they did not know their limitations and went past them. Yes, you have to be ambitious and hardworking but moderation is key for success. Exhausting yourself continuously can stress you out and harm your health. You may also lose grip on other important aspects of your life.

Intelligent people know that their minds have limits. If you are stuck, please take a break. You may be surprised how easy some situations are if you take some rest. If some of the things appear obvious, rest and take a look at them in the morning again. In short, sometimes we need to allow our brains to take the rest.

9. They do not make redundant enemies

In whatever status of your life, you are always going to encounter enemies or rather a competition. The people may not be malicious but their views and yours are incompatible. So, it is important to know enemies created by circumstances and others by actions.

Smart people know how to deal with stubborn individuals. Trying to argue and bring out your point with these people will get you nowhere. A smart decision is just to nod so that you can end the discussion.

Also, when partnering with someone, you have to check whether they can deceive you. On your side make sure you are not treacherous. Lastly, do not leave a relationship on bad terms.

10. They have a great sense of humor and make a lot of jokes

It takes a genius to turn anything into a joke so that everyone can laugh. The creative skills required here are quite high. Creativity is always linked with intelligence. Examples of such geniuses include Conan O’Brien. He was a famous American comedian and had an IQ of 160 whereas normal people would score 85-115.

11. Smart people do not let pride to get in their way

If it rusts, it can never be trusted. If the owner fails to control it, it will cut him. These quotes refer to a blade and yes pride is like a blade. It is not bad to have pride at all. However, if you let it consume you then it is inconvenient.

When you become brilliant, do not throw away the opinions of everyone around you. You find yourself not taking into consideration of anything that you were not involved in.  Smart people rely on reasoning and if pride is coming your way you should get rid of it.

12. They are open-minded

The most intelligent people in the world always have room for new opportunities and ideas. In intelligence tests, those willing to consider other views and values with a broad mind do better. This is because they are open to see and evaluate alternative solutions.

Also, the smart are careful when choosing the ideas and perspectives to adopt. They accept something on just the face but do not believe it. It is ample evidence that will make them believe.

13. They have a high self-control

Science has found the link between intelligence and self-control. For instance, there are two choices of either taking a small immediate reward or a delayed larger reward. The smarter people will go for the delayed larger reward. They evaluate a situation and see how much they will benefit.

Plan, clarify your goals, explore the alternatives, and consider consequences before you reach a decision. This will help you overcome impulsiveness.

14. They are sensitive to other people’s feelings

Psychologists say smart people can almost feel what other people feel or think. They are attuned to the needs and feelings of others and act in a sensitive way to those needs. This is referred to as emotional intelligence. It makes them interested in talking with other people and learn from them. Who would not want to have such a person as a friend?

15. They think outside the box

Sticking to the usual way of doing things but expect better results is foolish. Smart people often go over the usual. This is why most of them are successful. They are always questioning the old ways and coming up with crazy ideas. What if I did it this way? That is what they are always asking themselves.


Almost all the things the smart adhere to make a lot of sense. Have you been doing the above? Do you now consider yourself smart? Smart people are always aiming to make our society a better place. This is why we want many more people to follow these ways.


Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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