Is Nj Diet The Best Weight Loss Solution? (Genuine Reviews)

Exercise and diet. These are the two words I always hear from my friends whenever my excess pounds is the topic of our conversation. These two words are either mentioned exclusively or in combination. They know my efforts but somehow they think I’m not pushing hard enough.

I’ve already tried a couple of home fitness machines and nothing seems to interest me. Curiosity can get me going on the first day or two. Succeeding days seems to be a drag. And after a week, the machine will never leave the closet again (or until I move it to the attic).

Diets don’t seem to work on me too. I try them sometimes but I never notice any visible improvements. Instead, I received more teasing during mealtimes.

There is a third option but no one mentions it — cosmetics. I don’t open up about it as well. I’ve googled some procedures but I don’t think I’m brave enough to go through it yet.

I still want to be in better shape and I constantly look for new things to try. In my search for a solution, I encountered NJ Diet. They offer a personalized weight loss program, not by profiling people, but by analyzing the person’s genes. Dr. Arthur Turovets created the program which is said to have helped over 15,000 patients in 8 locations across the tri-state area.

The method is new to me so let’s learn this together and see if it can solve our never-ending weight problem.

What is NJ Diet?

NJ Diet relies on the concept of our genes affecting the body’s nutritional needs.  Gene samples are analyzed and the information is used to develop the nutrition and exercise plan. Supplements are specifically crafted to match the individual’s unique genetic characteristics.

With the supplements and the diet that comes with the plan, the body will be able to balance its hormones and fix metabolism. In about 40 days, women on average lose 25 to 35 lbs while men shed 25 – 45 lbs. The weight loss is achieved without shots, surgical procedures, medications, and excessive exercise.

Sound like a tall order? Maybe it is. The process is proprietary so they are the only ones that do it in the manner they do it. It may be unfair to compare it with other custom food plans such as Metabolic Typing.

The solution is still based on diet. But the good thing is that they will be the ones who will be doing the hard analysis. To me, that means no more guesswork and less trial and error. I don’t have to act as if I’m a nutrition expert.

How much does it cost?

For us who are not in the super-rich category, price weighs in heavily in our considerations. Better answer it at the start.

The initial fee consultation is $27 if you registered on the company’s website. It includes evaluation and body composition analysis. They will answer any questions and concerns you may have about the program. If you agree to proceed to the next step, you can only start about a week later. Scans for hair and saliva samples take about 5 – 7 days to process.

The cost of the treatment is $900 – $2,500. Health history, body composition, and payment plans are considered in computing the total price of the package. The good part — if the promised results are not met, they will give the money back minus certain charges. They also offer payment plans so you don’t have to pay for everything in one go.

If the cost seems too steep, at least I help save your time. Move on and try to learn other solutions. If it’s not outrageously high or you are just curious, then stick with me and learn more.

How does it work?

You’re still here? Great. Let’s look further at what the program is about. In a nutshell, the NJ Diet has four main components.

The first component is the preparatory work. Hair, saliva, and blood samples go through “bio-energetic balancing scans”. NJ Diet checks about 2,000 biomarkers looking for imbalances that should be addressed. The information gathered is used to tailor fit the supplements to meet the individual’s health goals.

The supplements are homeopathic drops. All are natural and are not expected to interfere with other medications. Ingredients are printed in the bottle. When in doubt or curious, Google is your friend to know the characteristics of each.

The supplements will vary for each individual. Dropping it under your tongue, or mixing it in bottled water are some possible ways that supplements are administered. They can be to burn fat, to cleanse the body, or to enhance the pancreas and thyroid. The result of the scans will determine which supplements will be needed.

The second component is the hormone-healing diet. This part spans 40 days, allowing the body to heal itself from the inside. The process is supervised and monitored by the company.

Typical meals are baked/grilled lean protein such as fish or chicken. These are complemented by greens such as zucchini and broccoli. The ingredients are widely available but the patient will need to prepare the meal himself. The diet is rigid and requires precise compliance to achieve great results. The required commitment to managing the food is one of the popular reasons why people decide not to proceed with the program after consultation.

Exercise may be discouraged or minimized at this component while metabolism is yet optimal. When metabolism is fixed and the DNA study is completed, NJ Diet should be able to determine what’s the best workout routine for the patient.

The meals may not be the only ones that have to change. Deodorant, shaving cream, soap, and toothpaste are some grocery items patients may be required to switch brands. The oils in these products can affect metabolism. Even though they are only applied to the skin, the body may still think the oils are ingested and will react accordingly.

The third component is checkups every 10-14 days. This is necessary to ensure that weight losses are due to loss of fat and not water.  The individual will also have access to the doctor’s phone number and email to address any questions or urgent concerns.

The fourth component is maintaining the weight and keeping the progress you made. This is done by resetting the body’s weight set point. We’ll have a longer discussion below on this below for those not familiar with the concept.

What is the body weight set point?

Whenever we try a new diet, the scales may show some improvements. As days and weeks pass by, the dividends get smaller until progress stops. Before we know it, the scale is back to where it started.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, you probably share my frustration and look for answers. The theory on body weight set point offers a possible explanation on why this happens to us.

The set point is what our body thinks is its natural weight. Our weight may go above or below it but it will gradually settle back. The theory suggests that the weight is already coded into our genes and the body will fight to maintain it.

When a person suddenly reduces calorie intake, the body slows down metabolism and adjusts leptin signals. Leptin is the hormone that tells our body we are not hungry.

The body, they say, can be tricked on the proper set point. Small incremental reduction of weight over the long term helps the body to think that set point is lower.

How can NJ Diet help maintain the new body weight?

There are four ways how NJ Diet helps maintain the new weight. These are done at the end of the program.

  • Personalized calorie count
    This daily calorie requirement is set based on the individual’s unique body needs
  • 10 eating tools

This tells the patient how to eat, even if they are 3 lbs beyond their target weight.

  • DNA Diet Test

The test analyzes over 40 factors that can affect body weight. More on this below.

  • Bio-energetic scan

This scan shows which food the body prefers and which it wants to avoid.

Customer reviews show appreciation for the responsiveness of NJ Diet after months or years after completion of the program.

If the fats that were shed are regained, patients can still go through the process again. Rates can be discounted but tests have to be repeated.

What is DNA Diet Testing?

Do you have gene variants that hinder the efficient processing of carbohydrates? How about saturated fats? These questions are about how we process and burn the food that we eat. Standard diets do not consider these aspects which can be the reason why they don’t work for some people. The information needed is provided by DNA Diet Testing.

DNA Diet Testing is done by analyzing the DNA for 40 specific genetic factors that influence weight and fitness. The test provides information on the body’s and predisposition and preferences on:

  • Type of diet
  • Nutrition needs
  • Exercise requirements
  • Vitamins and minerals

A popular diet method is small frequent eating. To some people it works, to some, it doesn’t. It turns out the genes can help say if you are likely to benefit from this practice.

The traditional method of a gym coach is based on what worked before on the client’s body structure. This will eventually work but more time and effort are needed for lesser gains.

The exercise routines that will be recommended by NJ Diet are based on your body’s unique needs. Is your body better suited for fast twitching exercises or endurance-type workouts? Should you work out in the morning or at night? Part of the answer to these questions is in the genes. Of course, you may also want to consider your interests and schedule.

I have my thyroid removed, can I still participate?

Even after thyroidectomy, you can still go through the program of NJ Diet and enjoy its benefits. Proper evaluation of suitability for the program is done at the first consultation.

I just want to lose 10 lbs, should I take the program?

If your goal is to reduce weight by just 10 lbs, I have good news! You probably don’t need NJ Diet. The program is designed for bigger people. The guaranteed weight loss is 20 lbs, twice what you want.

You may want to avail of the initial assessment and consultation. Beyond weight loss, hormone imbalances and metabolism are addressed by the program. You can still have a happy, healthier body if you go through the program.

Are there long-term health consequences?

Unfortunately, there’s no other publicly available information on this topic. I encourage you to ask this question when you avail of the consultation. There’s a non-disclosure agreement signed on the consultation so you may not be able to share it back with us.

NJ Diet is said to have good effects on diabetic patients. Most patients were able to reduce or remove the need to take sugar medications such as Metformin.

What should we be concerned about in the NJ Diet?

There is no online information available on the negative consequences or risks of going through the entire process of NJ Diet. To answer the question, we will look at specific aspects of the program where concerns were raised.

Calorie Count cites a 500-calorie diet from a customer review. According to the article, the amount is dangerously low and unsustainable. I will not argue against this but I was hoping that the article provided more context on that comment.

Are the 500 daily calories true for the entire span of 40 days or just on certain days? Did they consider that the person is taking supplements? Is this more dangerous than water and intermittent fasting wherein dieters will have days without food? Fasting is a popular way to lose weight and detox. How could this differ?

Let’s also note that at this part of the program they discourage heavy exercises. Exercises can lead to unpredictability in the daily calorie requirements. Not having enough calories to sustain activities could be one of the major considerations.

NJ Diet has the entire process supervised. Clinic visits are mandatory. The consultants are a phone or email away whenever you feel unwell. Side effects like dizziness could be due to improper compliance with the meal and supplement plan. If you’re still worried and believe that the diet seems to be too aggressive, you can ask for an 80-day process.

I do agree that the calorie count is not sustainable. An average person typically needs 2000-3000 calories in a day. If 500 daily calories is expected beyond the 40-day program, I will have reservations too. I do not want my body to depend on supplements to get their nutrients.

Scientific Evidence

There are many critics of DNA-based dieting and not on NJ Diet itself. Others even consider the tests as part of scams to sell supplements. The main argument used is there is not enough evidence to prove that it works.

Nutritional genomics in itself is young. The term nutrigenomics went into use only in the 2000s. Being young means there’s no critical mass yet to prove anything. We hear testimonials on how DNA tests help people in their meal plans. But we haven’t seen serious complaints from those who went through the process. In the age of vlogs and social media, any major failure will be very hard to hide.

To quote FDA through CBS:

“They support tests that may provide consumers with direct genetic information that can inform health-related decisions”

“The FDA does not actively regulate these products”

Social Implication

Sophie Egan of Washington Post shared her concern about personalized food. While she did go through a DNA-based diet, the issue she raised was on the social implications and not on the effectiveness of the method.

Meeting friends will not be the same since we will no longer share food. Preparing family dinners will be a mess if each member has his own. It will probably be better to have food delivered.

She did raise valid concerns. But any serious dieter will face this dilemma and not just those who go through NJ Diet. Even on NJ Diet’s website, they acknowledge that the people visiting their site are likely those who did not get results from traditional diet and exercise routines.

NJ Diet did not say that you don’t need exercise to lose weight. They did not say that other diet programs will not give results. They are presenting themselves as an alternative if you are not achieving progress in your weight loss journey.

I haven’t personally tried NJ Diet so I’d be hard-pressed to recommend them. But I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to check with them if the popular methods have failed to deliver your fitness goals.

They offer a unique solution that could be the best for certain people. Just make sure any remaining questions on safety and long-term effects are answered. If you don’t lose weight as they have committed, at least you’ll get your money back.

Brian Lee
Founder of I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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