John Laurens Quotes

John Laurens- served as aide-de-camp to George Washington with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel encouraged to free and fight against slavery.

  1. “A man ahead of his time, forgotten in time.”
  2. “Just because I’m not forever by your side doesn’t mean that’s not precisely where I want to be.”
  3. “…If as some pretend, but I am persuaded more thro’ interested, than from Conviction, the Culture of the Ground with us cannot be carried on without African Slaves, Let us fly it as a hateful Country, and say Ubi Libertas Ibi Patria [where Liberty is there is my Country].”
  4. “Think we Americans at least in the Southern Colonies, mean not contend with a good Grace, for Liberty, until we shall have enfranchised our Slaves.”
  5. “How can we whose Jealousy has been alarm’d more at the Name of Oppression sometimes than at the Reality, reconcile to our spirited Assertions of the Rights of Mankind, the galling abject Slavery of our negroes.”
  7. “The equitable Conduct which you have resolved upon with respect to your Negroes, will undoubtedly with great Opposition from interested Men…”
  8. “We are much disgusted here at Congress recommending us to arm our Slaves
  9. “it was received with great resentment, as a very dangerous and impolitic Step.”
  10. “My honor does not permit me to survive the disgrace of this day.”
  11. “And almost render’d them incapable of that Blessing which equal Heaven bestow’d upon us all.”
  12. “My dear General. Riveted to headquarters by my attachment to Your Excellency and the patronage with which you have been pleased to honor me, nothing but the approaching critical junction of southern affairs and the expectation of my countrymen could induce me to solicit a farther leave of absence in case of my exchange… I indulge a hope that my acquaintance with the country and connexions as a southern man may enable me to be of some ability in the new theatre of the war—and the present season of tranquility here appears too favorable an opportunity to be overlooked—these motives which I submit to Your Excellency, prompt me to entreat your permission to join the southern army for the ensuing Campaign.”
  13. “Tomorrow there’ll be more of us.”
  14. “I was outvoted, having only reason on my side, and being opposed by a triple-headed monster, that shed the baneful influence of avarice, prejudice, and pusillanimity in all our assemblies.”
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