Life Goals List for Inspiration and Ideas (and Actually Achieve!)

Having life goals can go a long way in helping you achieve many things in life. There is no doubt that life goals would vary from one person to another, thus the reason you have to take the time to come up with goals that apply only to you.

If it seems like it is hard to do so, you are in luck today. This is because we have come up with a list of possible life goals that can apply to you. From the list, you can now choose something that would be perfect for your situation.

We have categorized them into different types of goals so that you can pick the best one that works for you. Let us look at them already.

Personal Life Goals

  • I want to have a home and be self-sufficient. I would also want to grow my food in the garden and still be energy-dependent.
  • Build a cabin garden on my countryside Just a place to relax over the holidays
  • Come up with a self-sufficient farm that has everything a doomsday scenario would require
  • Travel to Paris for a few weeks with my partner
  • Meet a celebrity or notable person over dinner. It could be a producer, speaker, musician, or author.
  • Get a pet right from the shelter and give it a home
  • Come up with a sustainable garden for the community
  • Learn how to scuba dive
  • Learn and become fluent inanother language
  • Scuba or snorkel in many different spots around the world
  • Try out high adrenaline activities such as skydiving
  • Set up a large organic garden that produces most of the food the family needs
  • Live in a place I can surf for relaxation more often
  • Build a nice pole house in the woods
  • Get my family a snorkeling vacation in the Bahamas or related places
  • Visit interesting places around the world

Growth Life Goals

  • Take a course on a skill I have always wanted to know
  • Coming up with an experimental garden or farm on different farming methods
  • Having a place where like-minded people can come and connect

Spiritual Life and Health Life Goals

  • To master different types of diets for a healthy life
  • Built a health retreat center for those who want to lead a healthy life
  • Learn several martial arts
  • Lose at least 10 pounds in a few months
  • Come up with an educational program on health
  • Live to be 100 years and still healthy
  • Attend several yearly retreats on health, nutrition, and fitness
  • Host spiritual retreats with like-minded people

Career Life Goals

  • Make enough from my current project to support myself
  • Come up with a five-year plan to work on tea business
  • Come up with a personal website and blog
  • Invest a product that would be successful
  • Setting up a horse ranch. It will deal with breeding, selling, and training of horses
  • Build a successful eCommerce website and maybe expand into retail
  • Come up with a location independent type of business
  • Hire a virtual assistant for some projects
  • Become a lifestyle entrepreneur with ambitions to travel around the world
  • Build a gym business
  • Make speeches at leadership and tech conferences
  • Own an auto racing team to race in prestigious racing events

Relationships Life Goals

  • Stay long enough to be a grandparent
  • Get married to my partner
  • Marry someone who has the same vision as me
  • Homeschool my kids where necessary
  • Associate myself with successful people that I respect
  • Have time for my family and friends
  • Become a parent

Service and Contribution Life Goals

  • To offer gifts of love and service to people who might need encouragement
  • Become a philanthropist
  • Come up with a non-profit ranch. This will be mostly for giving shelter to the rescued and homeless animals.
  • Form a council of like-minded people to help with problem-solvingin the society
  • Empower many young people to pursue what they want
  • Travel to different orphanages to make donations

Creative Life Goals

  • To work on something that matters a lot to me and those around me. Sharing my ideas with other people might help them also share theirs with the world.
  • Become a director, strategist, or producer for a podcast I like. It would be nice to invest in having the proper equipment to ensure the audio is good too.
  • Become a successful recording artist
  • Come up with a podcast script that can someday turn into a TV show
  • Produce movies that young filmmakers can be part of
  • Come up with a bestselling fiction book
  • Set up an art studio and a gallery shop too
  • Become a well-known artist
  • Compose a nice movie soundtrack
  • Create an online course that can generate passive income
  • Be a successful composer and singer commanding a large following

Financial Life Goals

  • Invest my money wisely into projects with potential profits
  • Invest time and resources in creating startups aligned to my business
  • To gain enough resources that allow me to travel the world
  • Become a venture capitalist
  • Get myself a life insurance policy
  • Generate multiple streams of income passively


The list above is a nice example of what your goals can be about. What is important is that you always do what you love. Make sure the life goals are in line with your needs too. This ensures there is a sense of satisfaction once you achieve a certain goal.

Brian Lee
Founder of I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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