The Best Shakeology Flavors To Quench Your Thirst

These days are the best time to crave healthy and delicious meals. We introduce a meal replacement smoothie that tastes better than the other drinks on the market – the Shakeology flavors.

The delicious treat is not horrible on the stomach and suitable for daily drinkers with a lot of health benefits to offer. It is whole-food-based with no artificial sweeteners, not to compromise its overall taste.

There are many change stories of real-life Shakeology drinkers. And guess what? It all started with a daily glass of their favorite treat. Imagine treating yourself guilt-free and making it part of your balanced meal. Learn more about this amazing dessert below!

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is selling a nutritional solution for a decade now. It is a protein-rich shake and grab-and-go snack made of few ingredients and easy to make. This is the first-ever drink that breaks the norm and can be a meal replacement for your daily dose.

That being said, Shakeology has released the Beachbody shake in 2009. It contains superfood ingredients and so became the healthiest smoothie a person can drink for a day.

Shakeology is still producing more and more great-tasting shakes that are more than the average shakes in the market. They guarantee the highest-quality nutrients in every glass of your homemade smoothie, with no artificial ingredients not compromising its delicious taste. It also keeps your wallet happy and can deliver the best results.

How Shakeology Flavors Are Made?

Making a homemade smoothie is now a trend as everyone is trying to get fit and well. All you need is a blender, measuring scoop, and the other key ingredients.

Begin by buying a pack of Shakeology flavor that you desire, as well as little fruits to produce a tastier drink. Plug-in the blender and then add water, ice, a scoop of Shakeology flavor, and fruits or any other ingredients. Ensure the right consistency of the smoothie and then blend for a better outcome. Let it cool and pour into a glass.

You can use a shaker cup as an alternative for a blender. Mixing Shakeology flavor with a spoon cannot deliver optimum results.

Shakeology Whey versus Vegan-Based Flavor

Shakeology flavors are all good, either the whey or vegan-based formula. They have the same level of nutrition as the company ensures a high standard of ingredients. A slight difference is only found in specific flavors that will suit your taste buds.

The vegan formula consists of micronutrients that come from the added superfood ingredients. It may not contain vitamin and mineral blend found on Whey formula but is still considered a healthy drink.

Shakeology can ensure potency in the final product by handpicking suppliers of each ingredient needed. Each batch of shake blends is tested several times to meet quality standards of taste and aroma. The team is still looking for cutting-edge ingredients that can help to improve the purity and health benefits of the drink.

15 Best-Tasting Shakeology Flavors You Should Try

There are five sets of Shakeology flavors to choose from – Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Café Latte, and Greenberry flavor. Those are all-time favorite flavors you can find in every smoothie store. You can also discover some other tasty and healthy drinks under each category, as discussed below. Surely, each option will satisfy your taste buds and are easy to prepare.

Take note, the first nine delicious flavors are the best-sellers in the market. The rest is something you might also love to try.

  1. Chocolate Whey Shakeology Flavor

The best Shakeology flavor you can ever taste is the Chocolate Whey. A lot of drinkers liked its chocolate goodness and creamy texture with more ice added. You may add little pieces of avocado or banana for a creamier taste and texture.

The Chocolate Whey is better mixed using a blender rather than mixing by hand. If so, some powder will form in clumps, which makes the drink out of shape.

  1. Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan Shakeology Flavor

The vegan version of Chocolate Shakeology flavor is not as creamy as the previous option. Also, its flavor is less chocolaty but still delicious for the majority of people. Shakeology flavors are not grainy as they mix well.

Unlike Chocolate Whey, this one can be mixed well in water by hand.

  1. Blackberry Walnut Chocolate Shakeology Flavor

Here is another nutritious chocolate drink to start your day. With one scoop of Shakeology flavor, add up a small amount of fresh blackberries and raw walnuts to enhance the flavor. Put a cup of unsweetened almond milk and ice to finish the drink.

Blackberries are fiber-rich and good for digestion, while raw nuts are a good source of healthy fats. Adding these ingredients into a smoothie can end up with a tastier and healthier treat for everyone.

  1. Vanilla Whey Shakeology Flavor

Vanilla flavored shakes offer a different level of smoothie for drinkers. Some vanilla shakes do have the worse smell that some people disliked. But, Shakeology flavors make a difference by using fully natural ingredients, including superfoods. It is a basic drink with a light and creamy texture. The vanilla flavor is highly versatile and so easy to pair with other home recipes.

Shakeology used potent Vanilla beans from the jungles of Madagascar resulting in a robust taste. It has a light vanilla taste, not the same as vanilla ice cream flavors. Its texture is fairly smooth that is easier to achieve using a blender to mix flavors perfectly.

  1. Vanilla Plant-Based Shakeology Flavor

On the other hand, is a vegan-friendly vanilla Shakeology flavor almost the same as Whey. The beans are surely handpicked in Madagascar for a better and more authentic vanilla taste. This is a good option for drinkers eyeing a vegan vanilla shake with its smooth texture.

Surprisingly, it does not give in its vanilla taste though under the vegan category. It is also one of the best-sellers among Shakeology flavors.

  1. Café Latte Whey Shakeology Flavor

Calling the attention of a huge coffee fan! Shakeology flavor has made a coffee shake just for you. It has a nice aroma and tastes perfect for mornings and everyday coffee cravings. However, this drink is not recommended to drink on a regular basis, said some who already tried it.

The key ingredient is a whole coffee fruit harvested in the native regions of India and Mexico. It is not a strong formula just like the typical coffee blends, but adding up a coffee of your own can boost its taste. In addition, café latte whey is not creamy and feels like an ice coffee of your favorite coffee shop.

  1. Café Latte Plant-Based Shakeology Flavor

This plant-based café latte Shakeology flavor is dairy-free to benefit the majority of drinkers. It is a well-made shake with a light coffee taste and not grainy texture. People who start their day with a sip of coffee can choose this drink as a meal replacement.

It is gentle on the stomach and a great option for vegan people. You can add up lots of ice for a better coffee experience.

  1. Strawberry Whey Shakeology Flavor

A strawberry shake is something more flavorful and not so unique kind of smoothie. It is mouthwatering and can be the best drink for anyone who is really into strawberry flavors. This whey flavor can be awful for some drinkers but surely nice to give it a try.

It is rich in protein with the help of succulent strawberries as the main ingredient. Its fruity taste is not that sweet wherein adding your own extra strawberry fruits can help. The smoothie’s texture is very soft that can be possible with a blender or mixing the formula by hand.

  1. Tropical Strawberry Plant-Based Shakeology Flavor

Most smoothie devotees pick out very light-flavored drinks rather than overly sweet options for some reasons. Therefore, a tropical strawberry vegan flavor was created. The first produced strawberry vegan drink is not very satisfying which caused Shakeology to think of ways to improve its taste.

Its taste then turned out easier to customize with other healthy ingredients, such as bananas, pineapples, coconut, and many more. Blend the formula with ice for a smoother texture and also to enhance its flavor.

  1. Greenberry Whey Shakeology Flavor

Among the Shakeology flavors, this one is either liked by everyone or not. There are some issues with its taste that differ from the other shake flavors.  Some consumers say its taste is hard to describe but a healthy shake anyways.

This green shake may not be everybody’s choice however belongs to the first shakes manufactured by Shakeology. It has a smooth texture and a sweet taste of great quality. Adding up extra flavors can be tricky because of its stronger flavor than anything else.

  1. Triple Chocolate Shakeology Flavor

The chocolate flavor itself tastes sweet and creamy, what more if tripled its flavor? For someone who wants toothsome drinks, this Shakeology flavor is highly suggested. Aside from the brand’s handpicked superfoods includes cocoa powder and cacao nibs. When the elements come together it produces a chocolate-rich smoothie for everyone.

A cup of unsweetened almond milk and crushed ice can make the drink better and tastier. Young ones will definitely add the drink to their most favorite drink list.

  1. Vanilla Berry Delight Shakeology Flavor

Berries can be one of the best ingredients for homemade smoothies. They come in various kinds like blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Each strain can add up the sweetness to your drink plus the vanilla Shakeology formula.

Vanilla Berry Delight is a simple mixture of berries that will end up in a vibrant violet hue, so exciting to take a sip. You can top the drink with frozen berries for better presentation. Its sweet taste can be the result of added almond milk. A cup of ice will turn the smoothie a lot more delicious.

  1. Strawberry Mojito Shakeology Flavor

This strawberry shake recipe is perfect for parties which can keep all the guests healthy and happy at the same time. It is very refreshing and requires more ingredients than the previous shake flavors.

Strawberry Mojito shake can taste like your favorite cocktail by adding a pure rum extract. To boost its flavor, a lime peel and juice can help, as well as a small amount of fresh mint leaves. Prepare strawberry slices and mint sprig to top your drink when everything is mixed well.

  1. Chocolate Mint Shakeology Flavor

Are you longing for a minty morning? Chocolate and mint seem a nice combo in making smoothies. It best suits the Café Latte Vegan with mint extract to realize a sweet treat. This shake mixture can boost energy and lift your mood for the rest of the day.

Unsweetened cocoa powder and almond milk will bring their best flavors to quench your thirst. Let it cool or add some ice to boost its flavor.

  1. Berry Coconut Shakeology Flavor

Out of strawberry Shakeology flavor is another tempting treat to satisfy your taste buds. It is made up of berries, either fresh or frozen with shredded coconut on top of the drink. The ingredients add up sweetness over the smoothie perfect for treats galore.

The treat is a worthy combination with your cupcake cravings by its naturally sweet taste. You can use any Shakeology flavor to meet your requirements, as long as it complements the taste of the berries and the coconut.

What is more?

Each shake flavor can benefit your lifestyle greatly. They are full of good essentials you can never find in other homemade smoothies. Personalize your shake with Shakeology Boosts that depend on your specific needs of the nutrition solution. Here are extra formulas to create a better drink possible:

Focused Energy Shakeology Boost

This add-on aims to boost energy when added to the smoothie.  On days you feel low in energy and exhausted, this will bring focus and vigor for you to keep going. It can help to improve mental clarity for someone struggling at the moment. The formula works best with caffeine and other healthy drinks.

Power Greens Shakeology Boost

Not all smoothie drinkers are vegan, as some hate to eat green veggies. Here is an alternative that can provide the same nutrients as vegetables like celery and other dark leafy veggies. Adding one cup of Power Greens to your favorite smoothie flavor can aid your diet to a great extent.

Digestive Health Shakeology Boost

Sufficient fiber count is necessary for your digestive health, either soluble or insoluble. Drinking smoothies helps digestion and diet when it is done regularly. USDA suggests enough fiber intakes benefit digestion the better way.

5 Shakeology Dessert Options

To better enjoy your smoothie, you can try the following Shakeology dessert recipes to complete your day.

Apple Cider Donut Balls

This is a perfect occasional treat for donut lovers out there. With two scoops of Vanilla Shakeology, it can produce 10 servings of flavorful donuts. Mix the other ingredients, including the apple mixture, to form a cookie-dough texture. These protein balls are small to easily pop in your mouth. Refrigerate the final product for up to 3-days to get it ready for snacks.

Peppermint Mocha Cake Pops

Use peppermint mocha plant-based Shakeology to make these delicious treats. Any durable small sticks can work in holding the cake balls, which is perfect for parties. Combine all the ingredients and shape them into equal balls, then dip into a chocolate mixture for coating.

Are they looking so plain? Decorate the cake balls with some colorful sprinkles and refrigerate for a day.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Creams

Commercial ice creams have limited flavors to choose from. Why not make your own healthy ice cream recipe with Shakeology flavors? It only requires four ingredients and a few minutes to finally make two servings. Use chocolate flavors, an all-time favorite of all ages, and add peanut butter and almond milk for a more flavorful taste. You may cut fresh fruits into chunks to top your cool dessert.

No-Bake Breakfast Cookies

Have no time to bake cookies for snacks? Here is a no-bake healthy breakfast treat you can easily make with Vanilla Shakeology flavor. Dried fruits and other natural sweetening ingredients can enhance its flavor. It is quick to serve during snack time with healthy smoothies to satisfy your tummy.

Chocolate Mini Muffin Cups

The Chocolate Vegan Shakeology can produce mini muffin cups with the added ingredients. Use the microwave and follow the same steps in making typical cupcakes. Just add a half teaspoon of natural peanut butter and drizzle melted chocolate morsels on top. Wait for 30 minutes before serving as the chocolate takes time to harden.

In Summary

To get fit is not always going on a diet or workout stuff, but can be possible with a delicious shake. Shakeology has helped many consumers lose weight and become healthier which are proofs of how it is advertised – recommended meal replacement shake. It guarantees risk-free purchases with the sampler packs available for first-time buyers.

Shakeology is a smart investment for your health, so order yours today!

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