What are the Things You Can’t Live Without?

People throughout the world have a different set of needs for them to survive. Some things are weird while others make sense. There are things you need for essential survival.

They are called basic needs. The definition of basic needs has changed over the years. Let us look at things you need for minimum survival.

Six Human Basic Needs That They Need for Survival in The 21st Century

A human basic need is anything importantly connected to an individual’s mental and physical well-being.

  1. Food

This is the source of energy for human beings. It is key for immediate day-to-day survival. Food makes our bodies healthier and stronger. We get to avoid diseases that may eventually lead to our death. The benefits of food are beyond measure in my case.

Human beings need a certain amount of food to survive. It is measured in calories. An average human will need around 2000-2500 calories a day. You should therefore be careful to not overeat or under-eat.

  1. Shelter

As a human being, you will need a place to take refuge from outside conditions and adverse weather conditions. The structure has to be strong and permanent to be reliable. It also has to be interconnected with the surrounding infrastructure. It will be quite important if the shelter provides some degree of privacy.

  1. Water and Sanitation

Clean water for this case. You will need water free of disease-causing organisms to drink or prepare your food. Pollutants in the water could cause adverse effects on the human body. Sanitation is where you can properly dispose of all the human waste safely.

  1. Healthcare

This is important for our daily lives as you cannot do anything while unhealthy. It refers to the access to medical attention or treatment from a trained professional. The medics will help treat your current ailments and far better, help you prevent future ailments.

  1. Access to Information

The internet is a powerful tool in the modern world. This provides a platform to get information, analyze it and decide what you will do with that information. Remember, it is a person’s free will to decide on accessing the information.

  1. Education

It is really hard to survive in the 21st century without education. This is the process of acquiring and teaching critical skills like mathematics and literacy. You will be able to boost the quality of life and could prove important for long-term self-sufficiency.

Other Things That I can’t Live Without

I have gone with no particular order of importance for the list below.

  1. Music

Music is medication to my soul and sometimes without it, I just can’t survive. Whenever I open my laptop to work, I put music on. My usual streaming sites are YouTube on the laptop and Spotify on my phone. There are specific playlists for specific functions or occasions. Music is always playing in my house.

  1. Earbuds

This dates back to my music taste and the amount of time I spent listening to music. I am always listening to music even when I go out. My earbuds come in handy keeping me jamming to the beats. I sometimes use them in bed to sleep or listening to a podcast.

  1. Peanut Butter

Weird, isn’t it? Many people have called me a freak because of this habit. We said food is a basic need and I think peanut butter is one of my favorites. Whether it is bread or cookies, peanut butter has to make its way there. My heart beats for the butter.

  1. Coffee

I am finding it hard to remember a day that I did not take coffee. If there are days, then it would be at most 10 days a year. Some good coffee keeps you up and ready to work. It is either the flavor or the caffeine that keeps me coming back to this drink.

The coffee is scheduled for the morning, after lunch, and after dinner. There are varied coffee tastes thus you will not get bored. The fresh ginger and lemon drink that I occasionally have, does not affect my coffee intake.

  1. Phone Calls or Chats

I bet all of us spent most of our time on either the computer or the phone. Sometimes all you need is just talking to someone and you then feel alright. This is especially true during this tough Covid-19 Pandemic where people are locked in their houses.

The closest of friends have chats with me daily. I make phone calls to check on friends while a lot has to do with working. The laughs and smiles we get by connecting are a huge factor for this need.

  1. My Journal

Journals are quite common. I write daily on the experiences I want and those that I have already experienced. Replacing them has never been a problem because I have a few extra journals.

Each morning, I get a chance to write down my objectives for the day. Occasionally, I would write in the evening when the day turns out to be a success. I lean towards positive writing to keep my life on the positive track.

  1. My bed

We spend around 30% of our lives in bed sleeping or just relaxing. The most comfortable part of my building is my bed. It is so cozy that it makes waking up in the morning a hard task. The sheets and duvet are exquisite. I cannot forget the pillows which are excellent at their jobs too. My bed my life.

  1. My Laptop

In this new age, having a laptop is an advantage. I do most of my work on my laptop. Money transactions and bills are paid using the laptop. Sometimes I use it for chatting and making video calls.

The internet age has seen people conduct meetings online. This is what I have been doing since the lockdown in our country. I cannot explain enough the way my laptop is important.

  1. A Vacation

Everyone needs some time off the normal work and busy schedules. Taking some time for a vacation is something that I do at least twice a year. I always come back re-energized and ready to work harder. There is a breath of fresh air that you get when you go on a vacation.

I have learnt about different cultures from the different places I have visited. The new things will help you understand life better and why people make certain decisions. Overall, you will get to relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. A Good Book

Books are a source of entertainment and inspiration for me. On a boring day, I would go for an action-based novel. Morning declarations from my favorite novels keep me going every morning. Once in a while, I read drama-related books and they are quite something.

The benefits of reading books are immeasurable. I have learnt to communicate better in English and raised my self-confidence. My co-workers see me as an accomplished leader because of the vast knowledge I have gotten from reading books.

  1. Pets (My Dog)

How can someone despise such cute creatures? I love dogs of all the pets. My dog is one of the closest friends that I have. He makes sure am not bored and most importantly, he provides protection.

The other pets are also important in their ways as they are different. I believe you need at least one pet in your household. Your kids can play with them and be their source of joy.

  1. Money

Probably, one of the most important items in this world. Many of us have goals of making a lot of money so that you afford a lot of things. Bills get me out of my bed every morning for sure. It is because I have to make money or else I will be miserable. It is the money that has gotten me almost all of my belongings.

  1. Luck

With a little luck, you get to survive a lot of bad days. I would be dead if not for the luck I sometimes have. People go through a lot of problems and traumas. I would say am a bit lucky to not experience such. All am saying is that you need a bit of luck to successfully move to the next day.

  1. Spearmint Gum

I am a gum addict and I go through a pack of spearmint gum each week. This habit dates back to my childhood where I would chew a lot in class. I would get into problems with my teachers as they disliked it.

If I do not get to chew one gum throughout the day, I will be dull throughout. The gum helps me keep awake and active whilst doing my work. I also like to keep it as my style and identity.


As you have seen some of the things are too important that you cannot live without. This refers to six basic needs for survival. The other things come as a result of developing habits.

You become too attached to a certain thing to let go of it. We should therefore learn to control our habits so that we do not overdo them. Otherwise, live life to the fullest.

Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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