Top 10 Stephen F. Austin Quotes

Stephen F. Austin served as a mediator between Mexico and Texas, he supported Texas independence.

Quotes about Independence, and Rights

  1. that every people have the right to change their government, is unquestionable; but it is equally certain and true, that this change, to be morally or politically obligatory, must be effected by the free expression of the community, and by legal and constitutional means; for otherwise, the stability of governments and the rights of the people, would be at the mercy of fortunate revolutionists, of violence, or faction
  2. a war of barbarism and of despotic principles, waged by the mongrel Spanish-Indian and Negro race, against civilization and the Anglo-American race.
  3. People want to know what the secret is. I don’t know that there is a secret, you just have to be yourself and if people like you then they’re going to watch you.
  4. Every evil complained of has been remedied—this fully compensates me for all I have suffered.
  5. Another interesting question which naturally occurs to everyone is, what great benefits and advantages are to result to philanthropy and religion, or to the people of these United States from the emancipation of Texas? To this we reply, that ours is most truly and emphatically the cause of liberty, which is the cause of philanthropy, of religion, of mankind; for in its train follow freedom of conscience, pure morality, enterprise, the arts and sciences, all that is dear to the noble minded and the free, all that renders life precious.
  6. I make a tender of my services, my loyalty, and my fidelity to the Constitutional Emperor of Mexico …. This solemn act cuts me off from all protection or dependence on my former government.
  7. The emancipation of Texas will extend the principles of self-government, over a rich and neighboring country, and open a vast field there for enterprise, wealth, and happiness, and for those who wish to escape from the frozen blasts of a northern climate, by removing to a more congenial one. It will promote and accelerate the march of the present age, for it will open a door through which a bright and constant stream of light and intelligence will flow from this great northern fountain over the benighted regions of Mexico
  8. The men now in power in this state [Texas] wish to tolerate slavery
  9. This object we expect to obtain, by a total separation from Mexico, as an independent community, a new republic, or by becoming a state of the United States.
  10. I make no more calculations except to spend my life here. {Whether} rich or poor, here I expect to remain permanently.
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