Top 6 Brands Like Lush That Would Make You Still Look Good

If you are always looking for the best cosmetics, the chances are you have come across Lush Cosmetics before. The brand is quite popular to a point more people are interested in using more of their products.

However, what makes the brand popular? Should you buy its products? Are there other brands like Lush? I answer these and more questions in this guide to help you understand it better.

Lush History and Background

Lush, like most popular companies, has an interesting past too.

Before it was even founded, Mark Constantine, the brains behind Lush, was working in a beauty and hair salon. This is during the 1980s. He read about another company in the same industry called The Body Shop. The Body Shop is a popular British cosmetics company with a skin care portfolio too.

Constantine contacted the company founder, Anita Roddick, offering some of his creations and products.

At first, he would sell his products in small quantities, but The Body Shop saw potential and decided to order more products. That is how Constantine and partner Liz Weir became the biggest suppliers of The Body Shop.

This new agreement prevented Constantine from opening a similar business for at least five years.

Constantine was not going to let the agreement keep him from his entrepreneurial skills. He went ahead to establish a new company called Cosmetics-To-Go. This company went on to be a success, even if it was short lived. The business failed because the team could not meet all the holiday orders.

After selling Cosmetics-To-Go, Constantine and his partner launched a new venture, which is now Lush. The company hit the ground running from the first time it was launched. It was loved for having a wide range of products and this time the company had enough resources to accommodate the demand from its users.

It seems like Lush’s growth is not slowing down any time soon. The company now owns up to five factors producing multiple products. Also, its annual sales are over $170 million. It is easy to say that the company is doing well for itself.

Why Is It So Popular?

For a long time now, Lush has set itself apart from other cosmetics. Lush attracts its customers by claiming that it creates products that are natural, safe, and vegetarian.

Since we live in a world where people are easily drawn to such qualities, you can be sure more people would want to try Lush cosmetics.

Lush also markets its products differently from other cosmetic brands. This is to ensure that they can stand out better than them and win more customers.

A good example is how the company names its products. They are different from what you get with the other companies in the market. A good example is Handy Gurugu hand cream. There is also the Dark Angels Soft Charcoal and Sugar Scrub. Well, anyone would easily remember such names the next time they need similar products.

The Lush products are also handmade and thus making them stand out as better. Also, the packaging has a more distinguishable presentation than what most cosmetics companies offer.

There is also the “Lush Experience” that can make more people interested in buying Lush products.

From the moment you enter Lush’s storefronts, you get a better browsing experience. This includes more aromas in the store, colorful displays, and samples for you to test before buying. So, you might sometimes overwhelm your senses.

The Lush employees are also attentive and will help you understand each product. With such a personal touch, you would be sure that your value as a customer is well appreciated.

Popular Lush Products

Now that you have an understanding of what Lush does, it is best to also look at its popular product list. I may not cover everything Lush makes, but at least you would have an idea of where to next your next favorite cosmetics product.

Lush makes personal care products other than the cosmetics. This means that you can buy creams, soaps, shampoos, masks, scrubs, and many other facial cosmetics from Lush.

Here is a quick list of the top Lush products.

  1. Lush Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

As suggested before, Lush is known for coming up with interesting product names. A good example is naming the product Sex Bomb. Anyone who comes across this product will always remember its name.

The bath bomb contains a mix of beneficial ingredients that will leave you with a soothing experience each time you use it in your bath. The product contains soya milk important for soothing your skin too.

Other important ingredients include jasmine, ylang ylang, and clary. The aim of such ingredients is to bring out the excitement and passion in those who love such baths.

  1. Lush Dark Angels Fresh Facial Cleanser

It is no secret that you would want to keep your face looking all good. This product will help you do that. It is designed to offer the user better exfoliation experience and absorb any excess oils you might be having so that you can achieve a fresh skin layer.

The product does a good job of helping you achieve a good facial skin. It does this by combining black sugar and charcoal. Do not worry about its mud-like appearance, as it will work its magic on your skin. It will also nourish and hydrate the skin better.

It is also available in multiple sizes to make it a great choice for anyone who would want to get the right product size.

  1. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

This is a popular masking product from Lush. It is a great choice for anyone who is in the market for proper masks to improve their facial skin.

The mask has China clay and peppermint as the top ingredients. These two can cleanse the pores better leaving your skin pleasant. You will also like the tingling sensation you get with the product.

The product also has aduki beans crucial for exfoliating the skin. There is also vanilla and honey important for calming any skin redness or irritation you might have had before.

  1. Lush Solid Shampoo

The solid shampoos are what you may have not expected from Lush. However, Lush also makes personal care products.

Based on reviews, these solid shampoos are long lasting than what you get with the liquid shampoo. Also, they have more power, meaning you should enjoy using them more often.

They are further packed with essential oils, natural ingredients, and more. Most people find them having pleasant smells, better cleaning experience, and textures.

Are Lush Products Cruelty Free?

There are those who always want to buy a product from a brand if they are sure it is cruelty-free. In this case, it means that the brand does not test its products on animals. If that is what you are looking for, then Lush is a cruelty-free brand.

It does not test its ingredients and formulas on different animals. Since the Lush products are also PETA approved and still follows the REACH regulations, you can buy them knowing they will live up to your needs for cruelty-free products.

Also, their products do not contain harmful products, thus the reason more people would be more interested in trying them out.

Is Lush a Vegan Brand?

As much as sometimes people tend to associate Lush as being a vegan company, a majority of the users disagree with this statement.

This is because there are various products of the brand that contain animal products such as milk, honey, beeswax, eggs, and lanolin. As much as the company claims that the animals were not harmed, the fact remains they are not vegan-friendly products.

Well, the company has some vegan products, but the majority are not. So, you cannot say that Lush is vegan.

Lush products are generally good at what they claim to do. It is why more people would be interested to try them out and see how it works for them.

Lush Alternatives

Lush is a top brand. There is no doubt about that. However, sometimes you may want something different. It is why you need to consider other brands like Lush. Below, I highlight the top Lush alternatives you may want to keep in mind.

  • Sephora

This is a huge cosmetic chain with markets around the world. The company mixes other hundreds of popular fashion brands with its labeled products. This is to ensure the buyers can have access to a wide range of products.

The company has products covering skincare, nails, hair care, body products, and fragrances. You also get a subscription box product where you can get different products tailored to your skin type.

Sephora does not shy away from innovating in the world of cosmetics. It is why you can find the brand offering a wide range of cosmetic products.

  • Witch Baby Soap

As the name suggests, this brand focuses mostly on bath and beauty products. If you like to enjoy your baths, it might be time to consider this brand. Its products include soap, body butter, bath bombs, and body scrubs.

The company is also known for making products that are 100% vegan and still cruelty-free. So, you should be able to enjoy using them with a clear mind.

As much as the company has not been around for decades like other cosmetic brands, it still has a loyal following. It is how the company has managed to get recognized around different countries in a few years.

  • Bomb Cosmetics

Bomb Cosmetics focuses mostly on saving your skin. That is how the company mostly has products related to bathing applications. They include blasters, soaps, and melts. You could still get other products from the company such as fragrances and others for rejuvenating the face, hair, and lips.

These products also contain essential oils, which should provide the user with more benefits. Since they are also handmade, they should give Lush quite the competition. More people are always interested to see what homemade cosmetics can do for them.

  • Glossier

The company was founded around the idea that real girls need the best makeup to look great every day. It is why the company was so focused on making its products fun, easy to use, personal, and easily accessible.

Also, the team behind the company has all the crucial experience that most people would want in making a cosmetic product.

The company advises that you approach skin care in two phases. The first phase is when you use products meant to make the skin ready to look good. This includes using several products as your daily routine. These products are mostly for moisturizing the skin.

As for the second phase, you get to pick the best makeup. Always keep the make up application to a minimum so that it does not overwhelm your facial skin.

  • Juice Beauty

This brand is more focused on pushing for a healthy lifestyle for its followers. This is done by making organic based products that also have scientific evidence backing their claims.

The company was founded by Karen Behnke, who got the idea when she was pregnant and seeking healthier options for her skin care.

Several years down the line, the company now has a wide range of products in categories such as skin care, hair care, and make up. The best part is that these products are scientifically researched. You would always use them knowing that they are safe products generally.

  • Birchbox

If you are on a budget, consider checking out Birchbox. This brand is always looking for new ideas for products to add on its lineup. The best part is that the brand makes its products affordable so that most people can access them.

There is also the option of picking a subscription box. The box will have half a dozen of beauty products including skincare, cosmetics, organic products, and perfumes.

Thanks to its many products, the company now has a million subscribers in just half a decade. This is good enough for anyone not sure if to try out the brand’s products.


Since there are several brands like Lush, it is easy to see why Lush is always coming up with new products. This is to help it remain relevant and attract more clients.

The company has many product categories, so you should not have a problem finding something you like. Well, take your time to check out more of its products and buy yourself something nice in the end.

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