Universal Signs For Business Promotion and General Public’s Needs

Industries today are using universal signs to introduce products and services to a wider market. They aim to boost brand awareness to attract more customers resulting in a good income for businesses. It will be easier to sell your brand and produce new clients shortly. Working with a signage specialist can offer a lot of options to meet your requirement while keeping it on a budget until the next project. Luckily, some companies are proposing a free quote to ensure all things will work at their best.

We’d like to share more facts about universal signs that you should know, which are beyond business stuff.

What are Universal Signs?

Universal Signs are simply one way of promoting your business with less effort and yet more returns in the long run. These are materials giving potential customers an idea of what your business has to offer. The impact of custom signage has been proven for many years and really satisfies every person’s needs.

How will you find a company to partner with? Look for the one who’s into the latest technology in producing universal signs with the help of reliable suppliers. You can surely find many in your local area. Asking for recommendations is advisable for a better selection in the end.

How Do Universal Signs Work?

Universal signs have a special function for businesses of all kinds, particularly in making your brand a lot more visible to the public. It takes money and time to achieve the proper look of signage, however, some experts can help. Later on, it will lead to many more dollars in your pocket once it works.

On the other hand, signage can make future customers’ lives a lot more convenient. They do not need to ask you personally what they could expect, as details are on signs. It will lead them to the right places, as well as to specific products and services. Additionally, people can call you anytime and anywhere, so make sure to add contact details.

Most companies take on four procedures to complete business signs. It includes:

Design Consultation

Reaching your target customer is not an easy job, especially with the presence of rivals in the market. The experts can work with you in creating strategies to attract more and more customers and are surely effective.

Do collaborate with people who have ideas of techniques making the process a lot easier. They promise to work along with the clients toward the best outcome possible. You can freely share design ideas that will suit your business needs so they can make improvements.


From beginning to end, the experts will assist clients with the highest quality technology to deliver a final product. They will monitor the project from time to time to turn your expectations into a reality. The project management team will be the ones responsible for the entire project.


Installing universal signs can be risky, especially in elevated areas. No worries as the safety of the workers are guaranteed along the way. The installers can finish the project on time with compliance to set standards. It will be all worth the price once you see the final appearance.

Maintenance and Repair

Periodic maintenance is necessary for signs to stay nice-looking. They may fade in colors or tear apart due to changing weather over time. The times of repair vary in old and new signs.

For signs made of the latest technology, like electrical and lighted signs, it takes longer before needing a repair. Find a team who can turn signs as beautiful and neat as before. This could happen once a year, in general.

Two (2) Types of Universal Signs

We can see signs almost everywhere. That being said, universal signs can be installed either indoors or outdoors based on your specific needs. How do these types of signage differ?

External Signs

People passing on traffic have the chance to glance at what you offer, even in a few minutes. Or, maybe potential customers are seeking your premises so with the help of outdoor signs they can easily find your business.

External signs can make your business stand out compared to those not using any medium to promote their business. These are made colorful and eye-catching, and some can be in a digital form for better engagement with the target market.

Internal Signs

Indoor signs are made to assist people inside your premises. It enhances the customer’s experience in exploring your brand with the right graphics around the corner. This sign can be printed on a vinyl material or etched on glass for nicer details.

Internal signs ensure customers are guided all the time to make shopping a lot easier. These are made of durable materials to last for specific uses. It also emphasizes your brand values toward the potential market to boost their trust.

Samples of Universal Sign

Universal signs are in a range of options, depending on the client’s needs. The reason is that signs are useful in many ways. Here are some examples of universal sign you can choose from in promoting your business, or in meeting your requirements:

Corporate Signage

Promoting a new business can be difficult where signage can help to make it easier. There is no need to be extra to introduce your business, just a piece of words or signs can actually work. Business owners must be more creative in thinking of ideas that will easily catch people’s attention and end up interacting with the products and services.

Business signage must be clear and precise not to confuse potential customers about what you offer. In addition to that, it shall boost your business identification across the market despite the increasing number of competitors.

Health and Safety Signs

Due to Coronavirus, many manufacturers start creating signage for health and safety purposes. These signs put up with the success of the set protocols by the government, as well as for the betterment of all individuals.

They are made up of either plastic or metal materials to ensure durability against all weather. Other signs can glow in the dark for enhanced care, especially in low-light areas like a road at night time. There will be LED lighting to add a level of illumination in low-lit corners. The safety signs should be hung on aluminum frames for superior visibility.

Banner Signs

Getting noticed in a trade show requires making a move in terms of attractive booths and displays. This can be crucial for many businesses to stand out along with the other industries. However, here is a better way to showcase your brand in front of potential customers without being too extra.

As you plan for your trade show display, it should be eye-catching and clear in portraying your products and services. Be mindful of the lighting setup by focusing on your best deals to catch people’s attention.

One effective choice for trade shows to work is the use of banners. It is a practical display and very easy to set up in a small space at a trade show. Make sure the banner is in a vertical position and attractive to please customers shortly.

Digital Signs

If your business is about to deliver more than one message for the customers, then digital signs are a good option. They can be static or with changing texts on a screen which is great for promotions. Those you see along the cities are an example of digital signs that show several messages.

Digital signs are either horizontally or vertically oriented with an LED/LCD screen, mounted or freestanding. They are also durable and weatherproof as commonly installed outdoors. It helps in inviting a wider market to your business better than the other promotional signs. This may contain images making the sign more attractive thus produces higher conversion.

Digital signs will surely make your services stand out even in a wider market. But, installing one can be pricier.

Promotional Signs

For commercial interests, promotional signs can help to advertise products and services. It contains the business logo and a short phrase that describes the business perfect for retail needs. Again, it must be concise to be clearly understood by all of the viewers.

Businesses having a sale are supported by promotional signs. This sign comes in different forms, both banners and graphically designed. It improves brand awareness for specific products during special events like trade shows.

An example is product displays. It is made to encourage buyers in getting a specific item in a store. They are portable and can be seen anywhere, for instance in a grocery store.

Wayfinding Signs

On larger premises, there must be signs directing people where to go. Directional signage can help customers find their way for a faster transaction. These signs are made in any material and form. They can be found in the ceiling, walls, or on the floor of the building, yet easy to understand.

Wayfinding signs should be big enough for people to see from a distance with a large crowd. Choose the color and font that best suits your signage uses.

Construction Signs

Construction sites are prone to hazards and so safety must be highlighted. To alert people of possible dangers, putting signs in the workplace can help.

Different sizes of signage are available for construction works to suit specific needs. They are also made of two materials such as aluminum and a yard that works differently. Signage made of aluminum material keeps people protected against danger while yard signs relate to the operation itself.

Construction signs are durable and benefit site workers in every way. Also, they are highly visible to avoid incidents from taking place.

Vehicle Graphics

Perhaps a vehicle can help in promoting your business to whoever passes the road. Here is signage particularly created for vehicles roaming around to make a business known. Vehicle graphics must contain the business name, a slogan, and even the contact details for people to easily reach out to your services.

Aim for the graphics to be more attractive when out of the road. Think of colors pleasing in the eyes, as well as use huge fonts to be easily read while the car is running. You can contact sign manufacturers to do the job perfectly.

Window Graphics

Adding signs to the windows can also be effective in attracting customers. It is more professional-looking, especially for premises dealing with health issues. Since windows have various designs, the manufacturers will find ways to make them look fit and better. It can be a vinyl-type or graphic, as long as it meets your requirements.

Window graphics are a simple way to advertise business before people can enter your place. Make it appealing by putting important details potential customers should know about your services.

Monument Signs

A monument sign is best for buildings that cannot easily be noticed by people. These are bigger than the other universal signs and are more durable. To mention a few materials include stones, bricks, and metal.

They are so-called architectural signs which can occupy a minimal property of where it will be located. The sign is commonly found on main roads or streets close to the highway. With that, it supports business identification.

Awning Signs

For people managing a café, taking care of the customers is one of the priorities. An awning sign does not only promote a business but also improves customer’s experience against all kinds of weather. Drinking your favorite coffee while it is raining could be better with a nice café setup where awning works.

Add a sign to your awning with complete details and a fun graphic design. It is one way to advertise your business while taking care of the customer’s well-being. This sign promotes comfort to a great extent, as well as boosts your income.

The Benefits of Installing Universal Signs

It is so obvious how universal signs can help a business. What are the benefits of these signs that lead people to take advantage of adding them into reality? Read on to determine the positive sides of universal signs in the industry!

Provide High-Quality Visual Representation

Visual representation has an impact on your daily operation. Signage and graphics are part of it and always help companies to reach target audiences. It must be seen from a distance and in certain shapes and fonts for people to see.

Giving your signs a personal touch of designs can help to portray a clear message. It is all that matters, regardless of the situation. Pick colors that will complement your business and ensure durability along the process. It will be the frontline of your business for a longer time, so do better.

Promote Brand Awareness

Many industries are having a hard time reaching out to potential markets due to certain things. Nonetheless, the main goal of signs is to increase brand awareness and meet other people’s needs with less effort and time needed. They exist everywhere now helping business owners gain more customers even without the word of mouth.

Universal signs are versatile with only one goal called branding. It all depends on how the sign will be executed to earn the best outcome.

Invite More Customers

Once the brand is set in the market, it will be easier for the customers to find it. We should know how curious people are when they see new things, and that could apply to making signs. People get attached to colorful signs more than the plain ones, also with fewer details than too many words. Learn the best techniques in producing signs or talk to experts who know it better.

The effectiveness of a sign will be based on simplicity, at least with clearness and easy to understand.

Boost Sales

As more and more customers are getting to know your business, it will affect your sales positively. This will be the return of all the expenses in producing signage during the promotional days. Continual use of signs will increase your income even more.


Lastly, having signs can make your business ahead of many rivals. A greater scope of audience shall be reached out, more efficiently. Businesses that have engaged in signage can affirm making them more capable to gain a lot of loyal customers.

In Summary

The use of signage is really universal, it can be valid for all needs. As we go over different signs, we can conclude that universal signs work on businesses and some other uses. It can promote a new or old business and keep workers safe in other places of work.

Several signage manufacturers are becoming popular these days making choosing one more and more critical. We also gave tips on how to pick a company to work with. It will only take three steps to finally set up signage in and out of your premises to reach more customers. Plus, signs can do a difference in your everyday operation having an impact on earning more revenues in the future.

Find a universal sign manufacturer in your local area now to get started!



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