23 Ways to Make Your Life More Interesting

Sometimes we may find our lives becoming a bit too boring. You just feel like not living anymore. Many reasons lead to such life circumstances. It may be your friends, your living environment, or even yourself. To avoid regretting how boring your life has been in the future, there are several ways you can use to spice up your life.

The first thing is always to go away from the normal and try new things. We often limit ourselves to our busy schedules and forget about going on adventures. Below are tips on how your life can get more interesting.

  1. Shake Up Your Morning Routine

Instead of just waking up the normal way, try something new in the morning. This will help you get energized for the day. You can try going out for a morning jog or stroll. Next, you can then try watching the sunrise.

For the working class, wake up earlier than usual. You can then try working out or take your breakfast in the garden as you watch the sunrise. If you drive, take a different route to work. This will give you a little thrill for the day.

  1. Try Learning Something New

Study a new skill or language. Trying out new languages will open a door of opportunities. You will get to meet different people of different cultures. Also, your self-confidence will skyrocket and feel achieved. Who knows, you may even land a very good job. New skills will help boost your CV.

  1. Look for Exciting Friends

A toxic friendship environment will make you feel like you do not belong there. Find friends that you can connect with them in fascinating things. You can go on adventurous trips and have some fun. However, you have to take note of what they are interested in first. This is to avoid the clash of interests.

  1. Spend Time with Kids

Adult life can get a bit too boring sometimes. Kids will help you get your mind off adult life. They are funny and say the most unexpected things. You will also get a chance to learn how kids operate so that you can take care of your own.

Kids play with color and are not afraid to express themselves. You will get to remember your childhood memories. They also teach you not to be afraid to express yourself. All of these will help you forget the stresses that come with adult life.

  1. Eat Outside the Usual

Why would you not surprise your taste buds today? Maybe there is a new restaurant around the corner and serves some tasty cuisines you have never tried.  Go ahead and try them. You should first start with an appetizer so that you do not get disappointed. Even far much better, you can look for the recipe and make it at home.

  1. Flip a Coin

This may sound weird but it will give your life some thrill. Have ever been torn between choosing two different things at once? To deal with a dilemma, you can flip a coin. You are trying to have a drink on Sunday afternoon and not sure what to drink. Call one of the drinks heads and the other tails. You can then flip the coin. The outcome will surprise you.

  1. Volunteer Somewhere

What about making the world a place that you have been dreaming of. There is no better way of doing this than volunteering. Join a local community group that cleans up the town once in a while. If you are quite unsure of where to start, online research is always a solution. Your life becomes interesting by seeing the change you want is done in the world.

  1. Spend Time with Your Pets

You may have encountered some long-lasting relationships between a man and his pets. Animals have been sources of entertainment and interest to people for a long time. Having a cat or a dog that you can play with is quite something. Pets also become friends that provide company and do a lot of things together.

  1. Learn How to Meditate

Meditation has a lot of benefits on your health and life generally. For instance, it will help you release stress and lighten up most of your days. You will also learn to increase the attention span and be able to focus better.

There is no harm in trying it out. So, you should not be afraid to attempt. If you get to love it, then you are set for a more interesting life.

  1. Get Organized

Disorganization is an underestimated way of having a boring life. If you have your house in a mess, you will be in a mess too and very disoriented. The thought of cleaning the house while working on a fun project is annoying. It is also tiring to do all those dishes then come back and work. So, to have maximum productivity and fun plan to get more organized.

  1. Change Your Grooming Style

When you groom yourself into totally different attire, you will feel some new energy getting into you. Try wearing some casual clothes if you have been on official clothes only. It is only you who can describe that feeling.

For me, I feel more confident and fresh in new clothes. Try getting a new haircut and you will see for yourself. Lastly, make grooming yourself normalcy. You will look more interesting and approachable.

  1. Write Down your dreams, goals, and visions

A person’s life gets more interesting if he has a clear goal to achieve and a vision. Note down the goals and vision so that you give your life a clear direction.

The motivation to get closer to your dreams and goals will make work harder and better. You will know what you expect to accomplish every day. If you get to achieve the objectives, it just excites you.

  1. Surprise your Loved Ones Frequently

Having people around us makes us feel complete. Grow your relationship with your friends and loved ones by gifting them from time to time. What has been holding you back?

This will make you feel better about yourself. You will always feel loved wherever you go and have a lot of support. Your confidence will get higher and make you achieve more.

  1. Exercise

It is hard to find someone with an interesting life that does not work out. Having a bad shape will slow down your life a bit. Make sure you commit to exercising more often.

There is a study done on most successful people regarding exercising. The results justify the point am trying to bring out. Most successful people have workout and exercise routines. They know that health is important and you cannot have a productive life if you are weak and sick.

  1. Praise at least 1 Person Each Day

I believe everyone has a good side. This is what you should try finding in people every day. Praise people on their good deeds. They will get happy and in turn, you also feel happy too.

We have been raised in a society that overlooks a negative side of a person. It is the time to change and focus on the positive sides. Praise them and see how your boring life gets interesting. You never know, you might also change someone’s life forever.

  1. Take a Small Trip to a Different Place

This is a great way to meet new people of different cultural perspectives from yours. You can also get to know different places that will interest you. Such places can be your refuge places if you want to have some time alone.

The breaking away from the normal place and people will give a fresh breath and strength. It is like you have just had a break from your work and then come back. You have reenergized!

  1. Pick Up a New Hobby

Hobbies are the best ways to relieve stress and gain joy. It is something that you love and are passionate about it.

Having a new hobby is like adding another source of joy to your life. This will make your life more interesting with new challenges coming up. You will break out of your comfort zone, gain confidence and achieve all your goals.

The new hobby will also give you a chance to meet new friends. You will then get more passionate about the hobby. Other plans in regards to your hobby can come up. In the end, your life has just gotten more interesting.

  1. Learn to Ignore What Others Think About You

If you want an exciting life, this is something you have to learn and very fast. You should never worry about what others think of you. It is your life and you have to live it your way. However, this is limited to legal and ethical ways.

A person is responsible for whatever he does. So, you should follow your heart and do what you feel is the best for you. If you love singing, go ahead and produce bangers. Do not listen to how people want you to live your life.

  1. Read a Book

Books are a source of inspiration for a lot of people. Reading a new book is introducing something new to your life. Books on personal development are the best because they give inspiration. If you want the thrill, you can go for drama or action-based novels.

You will get a lot of benefits from reading books. The most notable ones are enhancing your general knowledge and training your focus.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Challenges keep you going in whatever part of your life. Moving from 10 pushups to 15 pushups a day will not only excite you but also motivate you. You will always want to supersede what you challenge yourself to do.

This can be applied to absolutely anything. From exercises, reading to working. Anyway, what is life without any challenges? It is just a boring life.

  1. Wander Down a Memory Lane

Do you remember the pictures you took last time out? Sometimes you have to be reminded how good life is for you to be happy. Take a look at the family photo album. Spend time with those pictures as you meditate on what interested you back then. This may spark some interest in certain things that you might have forgotten about.

  1. Turn Off the TV

Watching the TV can make you passive and often dull. This has become quite common in modern society. People sit down and watch TV shows throughout the day.

Rise from that chair and go out to do something. You could find entertainment elsewhere like in magazines and newspapers. Always take a day off from your TV. You will get to develop rather than being glued to your TV.

  1. Take the Leap of Faith

You may read the whole of this article and then decide to live your normal life. The results will never change until you take an action. If you want a change in your life, do things you have never done before. An interesting life will be gotten by doing more interesting and exciting things.


Boredom comes when we let our routines control us. Shake your life up and see how exciting it is. The tips above cannot be done in a single day. However, you can try implementing them one by one. There are many more ways you can spice up your life. YouTube videos can help you come up with other ideas. Live life!

Brian Lee
Founder of Darbaroud.com: I like to write about self-improvement and achieving excellence, and believe that it is these qualities that ultimately make people successful in life.

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