What Aisle are Breadcrumbs in Grocery Stores? Types and Substitutes You Might Need

Breadcrumbs can have many applications in different recipes. So, it is up to you to pick the best breadcrumbs to handle your recipes. So, head to your local grocery store to get yourself breadcrumbs for your recipes.

Where in the grocery store would you get breadcrumbs? There can be many possible aisles, but the most common would be the baking and spice aisles that would have breadcrumbs.

Sometimes the baking aisle is the same as the spice aisle, depending on where you are shopping.

You are also likely to come across different types of breadcrumbs. It would be nice to know the differences so that you can pick the correct one.

If you commonly shop in Safeway, you can get breadcrumbs next to the flour in the baking section. Other things you can get around breadcrumbs include pancake mix, almond flour, corn meal, and more.

As for those who love shopping in Whole Foods, the breadcrumbs are next to spices. Well, sometimes it can slightly vary where you will get breadcrumbs in a Whole Foods store. Always ask the staff in the store for more directions if you cannot find the breadcrumbs.

Types of Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs have multiple applications in the kitchen. The most common include coating, topping, and binding. So, it is important to use the correct breadcrumbs, depending on the applications. Below are some of the types of breadcrumbs you can buy today.

  • Fresh toasted– this is probably the most used type of breadcrumb. It is used for toppings, mostly on chicken cutlets.
  • Fresh untoasted– these breadcrumbs are too soft to use a chicken coating; however, you can use them as binders in a meatloaf. Those who have tried them love for being crunchy and their great flavor.
  • Panko– these are large flaky crumbs great for when you need a bigger crunch. This type would have a crispy texture compared to some other breadcrumbs. As such, it is great for chicken cutlets.
  • Plain packaged– this type of breadcrumb can sometimes be called stale and sandy. You can use them for your chicken cutlets to give them a gritty texture.
  • Italian packaged– these are simply breadcrumbs with Italian seasoning. The artificial flavor might not work for everyone who is looking to try out different breadcrumb recipes.

What is the Difference Between Panko and Breadcrumbs?

As much as we have included Panko as part of breadcrumb types, there are some who like to categorize them as different. You could say that breadcrumb is a broader term which can sometimes include panko. This section tries to help you understand the differences between the two.

Panko is a flaky breadcrumb that is used in Asian cuisine most of the time. However, more western recipes are now adopting the use of panko in their applications.

The biggest difference between panko and breadcrumbs is the texture and the bread type used to make either of them. Breadcrumbs can easily be made using different bread types; however, panko is from white bread.

There are two main types of panko. There is the white panko and the tan panko. White panko is one made by using white bread without the crust. Tan panko is made using the whole loaf including the crust.

Panko is often light, airy, and has a delicate texture that will also keep it crisp as the panko cooks. It will also absorb less oil compared to breadcrumbs. As such, you should end up with food that is crunchier and crispier.

It is still possible to make breadcrumbs to have larger grains such as panko, but it will still not have the distinct flaky panko texture.

Panko is mostly sold as plain and still unseasoned. Things are different for the breadcrumbs. This is because they can be herbed, cheesy, and seasoned.

So, how about using them interchangeably? It is possible? Yes, you can use them in the recipes interchanging them. This is because they serve the same purpose. You can always interchange them to see how they can make a difference in your recipe.

Best Breadcrumbs Substitutes

Have you ever found yourself working on a recipe that needs breadcrumbs, but it seems you do not have any breadcrumb in the pantry? Well, in such a case, you need to think quickly of possible substitutes to using breadcrumbs. Below are some of the options to keep in mind.

  • Seeds and nuts

Nuts and seeds such as almonds, chia, flax, walnuts, and hazelnuts will be a great option in place of breadcrumbs. You might need to get yourself a food processor to combine them into a powdery consistency.

The nut flavors burn faster than breadcrumbs. As such, keep an eye on your dinner as it is cooking.

  • Crackers

Crackers can be a great option, especially if you like stuffing. Do not be scared to use them on your meat loaf or baked cod. You may want to crush them in a bag or in a food processor before using them in the recipe. You might find yourself using such crackers in your recipes more often after trying them out for the first time.

  • Pretzels

Even your salty snacks can come in handy to help in improving your meat loaf taste. The best way would be throwing them in the food processor for crushing or using a Ziploc bag. The pretzels can be great options, especially for those who want pretzel-crusted chicken bites.

You could use mustard as an option too.

  • Chips

The potato chips are also some of the best snacks to use in place of breadcrumbs. They are salty and crispy, making them great choices if you want your chicken cutlets to be crunchy. You can always play around with several chips’ flavors. You only need to crush them lightly to use them in your recipe.

The several options mentioned above are just a few. You could have a lot more substitutes depending on what you are cooking.

How to Store Breadcrumbs and Keep them Fresh

Breadcrumb storage largely varies based on the type of breadcrumbs. It will depend if you want to store fresh or dry breadcrumbs.

Storing fresh breadcrumbs is not hard. You only need to keep them in an airtight container. This should be good enough for a week. If you keep them any longer than a week in the container, they are likely to go stale or even attract mold.

A long-term storage option would be putting them in your freezer. Ensure they are properly locked in a freezer bag. It is not advisable to refrigerate the fresh breadcrumbs as it can make them stale faster.

If you have dry breadcrumbs, all you have to do is place them in an airtight container. Proceed to keep this container in a cool dry location. The dry breadcrumbs should be fine in your pantry for even six months.

In case you live in a humid environment, consider placing the dried breadcrumbs in a freezer or fridge. Prolonged humidity can easily introduce moisture into breadcrumbs. Well, this should quickly reduce the product’s shelf life.

Should You Freeze Breadcrumbs?

As part of storing your breadcrumbs, you can sometimes freeze them. It is advisable to freeze both the dry and fresh breadcrumbs. The fresh breadcrumbs will stay in good condition for up to 6 months if you keep them in the freezer. The dry breadcrumbs can last longer even up to a year.

After one year, even the dry breadcrumbs will start to lose some of their texture and flavor. They will never get unsafe to eat so long as you keep the temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make sure to put the breadcrumbs in a freezer bag and remove all the air before freezing. You could also double bag or wrap the freezer bag with an aluminum foil to avoid freezer burn. This is common for those who might have to freeze the breadcrumbs for longer.

In case you need to use the breadcrumbs, no need to worry about defrosting them in advance. This is because breadcrumbs defrost quickly once you get them out of your freezer.

Fresh breadcrumbs will have some kind of moisture in them. As such, they will form ice c

rystals and can make the breadcrumbs soggy after defrosting. If you find that your breadcrumbs are too soggy, consider spreading them out on a baking sheet for like 20 minutes to make them crisp  as before.

Should You Refrigerate Breadcrumbs?

There is no point in refrigerating breadcrumbs. The dried breadcrumbs will last for even a year without a problem. What is important is that you maintain the ambient temperature in the room.

On the other hand, storing fresh breadcrumbs in a fridge can even shorten their life. This is because the cool temperatures in the fridge will make the starch molecules to recrystallize faster than when the breadcrumbs would have been at room temperature.

It is only advisable to use a fridge for fresh breadcrumbs if you live in a humid climate. This is because the extra moisture can easily make the breadcrumbs go bad.

How Long Will Breadcrumbs Last?

The chances are you have an idea how long the breadcrumbs would last.

The fresh breadcrumbs will have the shortest shelf life. You are likely to see them go bad in just a week unless you freeze them.

If you freeze fresh breadcrumbs, they can last for around 3 months. They will still be safe to eat for up to 6 months.

Dry breadcrumbs can easily last for six months in your pantry without necessarily freezing them. It will be an entire year if you decide to freeze the dry breadcrumbs.

Keep in mind that the timeframes mentioned above are all for references only. The breadcrumbs can last less in reality. The store-bought breadcrumbs would have the best shelf life. They are mostly good for over 12 months if you keep them in a freezer.

What is important is for you to check the breadcrumbs before using them. In case you notice some strange smell or possible signs of mold, do not use such breadcrumbs.

Will Breadcrumbs go Bad?

Yes. It is possible for breadcrumbs to go bad. The biggest culprit are the fresh breadcrumbs. They are likely to develop mold faster since they have a high moisture content. The dried breadcrumbs will not develop mold if you store them correctly.

The mold causing bacteria needs moisture to survive. Since there is no moisture in the dry breadcrumbs, you will never have to worry about molds.

Other than mold, you might also have to consider staleness. When the breadcrumbs go stale, they are no longer delicious to eat. So, it would be great to get a fresh batch of breadcrumbs.

How to Use Breadcrumbs in Recipes

Whether you have store-bought or fresh breadcrumbs, there are so many ways you can use them. Below are some quick recipes on how to use breadcrumbs.

  • You could add breadcrumbs to pasta so that you get a crunchy texture. Some find the fresh breadcrumbs as an ideal choice to bring out more texture in the pasta.
  • Breadcrumbs are also a nice option to finish up seafood dishes. Let us say you are preparing a dish such as oysters and clams casino. Once you have done everything, all you need to sprinkle the toasted breadcrumbs over the dish to complement it.
  • Breadcrumbs can be awesome for thickening the soup. This will generally make your soup hearty. Make sure to add little by little to your soup until it is the right consistency.
  • The breadcrumbs are great for making bread cutlets. You could use them to make a crispy layer on your fish, pork, or chicken cutlets. Use seasonings such as parmesan, herbs, or garlic to add more flavor to the crumbs.
  • You could also add breadcrumbs to meatballs too. It is always nice to try out different things with your meatballs. Do not be into just eating the regular meatballs. Make them a bit different.


By now, you know that breadcrumbs are great and will be a nice way of adding crunchiness to your foods. There are hundreds of recipes where you can use breadcrumbs. Go ahead and explore them all now that you know where best to get breadcrumbs in a grocery store.

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