Where is Minced Garlic in Grocery Stores? Buying Tips and Health Benefits

Garlic can be a great choice to spice up your food. What is important is that you take your time to research more about the different garlic types and pick the correct one for your recipe.

The use of minced garlic has always been a top choice for most people. It is why more people would be asking the question, where is minced garlic in grocery stores?

That is something this guide will answer plus many other questions you might have about garlic generally. Let us dive into the guide already to learn more.

Where is Minced Garlic in Different Grocery Stores?

The shortest answer to this question is that you will mostly get minced garlic in the produce section. It can either be under condiments or spices.

Most stores would sell minced garlic in glass jars. It is why minced garlic would also be referred to as jarred garlic sometimes.

Stores have different ways of showcasing their products. So, you might as well as ask for help from the staff in the store to help you find the minced garlic.

Below are some of the most common grocery stores around you that will have minced garlic and where you can find them.

  • Sprouts Farmers Market– the minced garlic would be in the condiment’s aisle in this store. Look for ketchup, mustard, or avocado oil and you will find your minced garlic there too.
  • Costco– the store keeps on rearranging its stores over a few months. So, the location might slightly vary. However, you will mostly find the product close to other different seasonings.
  • Safeway– this store also keeps the minced garlic in the spice aisle. You could also get it in the produce section with fruits and vegetables. You can now get yourself some garlic plus vegetables to cook in the same section.
  • King Soopers– this store mostly keeps its minced garlic in the produce section. As such, you might have to go through several products to find it.

Whichever the store you might like to visit more often for minced garlic, the jars would mostly be in the produce or condiment aisles.

If you cannot find minced garlic in a grocery store near you, consider ordering online from stores such as Amazon.

How to Eat Garlic For Maximum Health Benefits

If you did not know, there are many ways you can consume garlic. The best part is that there are many health benefits associated with eating garlic more often. The guide below should give you an idea on how to eat garlic for more health benefits.

  • Eating raw garlic

Yes. You could eat raw garlic. Maybe you are used to cooking with garlic, however, eating raw can still be tasty. It is even better when you mix raw and cooked garlic to get as many health benefits as possible.

Acts such as crushing, mincing, and chopping garlic can be great to release the compounds important for your health.

Some of the health benefits you will experience include smooth muscles, dilating the blood vessels, and lowering your blood pressure.

Some of the ways to utilize raw garlic is by slicing garlic into a salad, blending in lemon or tomato to end up with garlic juice, or making pesto.

  • Cooking with garlic

As much as raw garlic will leave you enjoying many benefits, there are those who prefer their garlic cooked. If you need to use garlic as part of the recipe, 1 to 2 cloves should be enough per dish.

Just like when using raw garlic, you might have to chop, crush, or mince the garlic to release the important compounds to boost your health. Let the garlic sit for around 15 minutes to get more benefits.

Some examples of cooking with garlic include mashing potatoes and garlic together, throwing a clove of garlic in a vegetable dish, or simmering yourself a garlic soup.

  • Using garlic oil

Other than using minced garlic, the other option is using garlic oil. Garlic generally has a way of flavoring your dish. You can now imagine using garlic oil to cook your meal. Other than increasing the flavors in the food, it would also be great in improving your health too.

Sometimes, you can apply garlic oil to the affected area other than cooking with it. This is where you can use it to reduce a pimple or relieve cases of Psoriasis.

  • Brew some garlic tea

Yes. You read it right. You can also brew garlic tea. This can be some great tea, especially during the cold. It will be a great way of boosting your immune system. You simply have to chop or mince garlic in hot water for about 10 minutes and enjoy your tea. Make sure to remove the garlic bits using a sieve and you should have a great experience taking your garlic tea.

Make sure to add some honey or ginger to improve the tea’s taste.

  • Use garlic powder

Another form of garlic is the garlic powder. This is a great choice when you do not need a lot of garlic for your meal. Well, it might not have many health benefits as fresh garlic, but it will be great for boosting your food’s flavor. So, give it a try to see how it works out.

Surprising Ways How Garlic Can Boost Your Health

Garlic has many health benefits that most people do not know about. Once you learn more about these health benefits, you would always go back to eating more garlic. Here are some;

  • Garlic comes with multiple medicinal properties. This is thanks to the sulfur compounds that form once the garlic clove is opened, crushed, minced, or chewed. It is why garlic has always been used in the treatment of common colds.
  • Garlic also comes with high nutritional value and is stilllow in calories. This is something many people would want to get in different food types. Some of the nutrient’s garlic contains vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B1, copper, phosphorus, calcium, iron, and more.
  • The use of garlic can also go a long way to improve your immune system It is why garlic would mostly be used to reduce the occurrence of flu and other related ailments. It could also help with skin infections.
  • If you have had issues with your blood pressure before, minced garlic may help in lowering it too. As such, you can minimize the chances of ending up with cardiovascularconditions such as strokes and heart attacks.
  • Another reason for using garlic more often is because it can help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. When cholesterol is minimized, you can also reduce the risk of ending up with a heart disease.
  • Garlic still contains antioxidants. The antioxidants will help reduce the oxidative damage you might get in the body tissues. Oxidation can make you age faster. However, with antioxidants, you can slow down aging and protect the body even further.

You are likely to come across many other health benefits as you continue using minced garlic. So, go ahead and use it more often.

What are the Differences Between Fresh Garlic, Jarred Garlic, Garlic Salt, and Garlic Powder?

If you are a fan of garlic, you might have noticed there are several types of garlic forms available. They include fresh garlic, jarred garlic, garlic salt, and garlic powder.

Below is a quick comparison to help you understand what each garlic form is all about and when it is best to use it.

Jarred Garlic Vs. Fresh Garlic

The difference between these two is easy to spot. Jarred garlic is already minced and sold in jars. As for fresh garlic, it is still in the form of cloves where you have to chop or crush yourself.

Fresh garlic tastes better between these two. However, there are some who prefer less flavor, so they might opt for jarred garlic.

Another reason most people opt for minced garlic is because mincing garlic by hand does not work for all people. You will have to spend so much time peeling the cloves and crushing by hand or using a garlic press. It is why the jarred garlic is also popular.

Another benefit of jarred garlic is that you can always reuse the garlic jar. You can use it for storing other spices once you are done using the garlic in it.

Garlic Powder vs. Fresh Garlic

Garlic powder is made by grinding dried garlic bulbs. This type of format would have more benefits in addition to being convenient to the user. It is mostly used in cases where you want to use garlic in small amounts. It could be making soups, stews, dry rubs, and sauces.

If you also want to have the garlic flavor widely dispersed in the food, then consider using garlic powder too.

Fresh garlic will mostly be used in times when you want more flavors. It is known for producing different flavors and enhancing those that might already be existing. Still, fresh garlic would always have a better aroma than garlic powder.

Garlic Salt vs. Garlic Powder

Garlic salt and garlic powder have the same appearance; however, garlic salt is a mixture of table salt and garlic powder. This makes it a great seasoning salt rather than being a pure dry seasoning.

Since garlic salt is a mixture, its garlic content is diluted. This makes it a great choice for those who might prefer garlic with milder flavor.

Keep in mind that garlic powder and garlic salt cannot be interchanged. Do not add too much garlic salt to the food since it also contains table salt.

Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Garlic

It is possible that sometimes you might make a few mistakes when cooking with minced garlic or any other form of garlic. Here are a few mistakes you may want to avoid.

  • Buying the wrong garlic

Let us say you want fresh garlic, make sure it is actually fresh. There are some cases you end up finding that the bulbs are rotten. So, take your time to check out the entire bulb first before buying garlic. Rotten garlic will not have the flavor and taste you have always wanted.

If the garlic looks bad, it is probably bad, so stay away from it.

Well, if you are going to buy jarred garlic, look at its manufacturer date and other important dates. Using one that has been on the shelves for too long might not be the best idea.

  • Improper storage of garlic

Improper storage of your garlic can make it easily go bad. So, the next time you cook with it, the flavors might not be what you wanted. So, consider proper storage of your garlic so that its flavors, medicinal properties, and other health benefits are maintained too.

If you have dried garlic, make sure it is stored in a dry place that can also maintain room temperature. You could also store such garlic in a mesh bag so that there is enough circulation to keep it from sprouting.

Minced garlic should always be stored in air-tight containers. Make sure to use it as soon as possible as it will not have the best flavors if it sits for too long.

  • Peeling garlic incorrectly

Not many people enjoy peeling garlic. This is because it is fiddly and sticky. Also, it can take too long to get it right. As much as there are many videos on YouTube on making the peeling process easy, there are those that end up having trouble getting it right.

Give yourself enough time and practice. Soon or later, you would be able to peel garlic easier and faster.

  • Adding garlic to the food too early

You have to know when it is the right time to add minced garlic or any other form of garlic to your recipe. When you add garlic too early, you risk ruining the whole recipe. Also, garlic can sometimes burn easily depending on the amount of heat. So, take it easy when cooking with garlic and only use when it is right. This might mean following your recipe better than before.


Now that you know where to buy minced garlic in grocery stores, go ahead and get some for yourself. You will always enjoy the kind of food you make with garlic.

Other than the aroma and flavors, there are many other health benefits you can enjoy when cooking with garlic. Let it be part of your recipes and see how garlic would change your food’s flavor.

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