Where to Buy Citric Acid for Bath Bombs? An Essential Guide

Make your own bath bombs with the best citric acid in the market as one of your key ingredients. It will bring a more fizzing effect while taking a shower.

Buying one may seem quite tricky especially when you are unaware of where to find some products. Fortunately, we will reveal reputable stores that sell high-quality citric acid to get started in producing your homemade bath bombs.

About Citric Acid

Before we discuss buying citric acid in different markets, let’s talk about the basics first!

Citric acid is an organic element found in citrus fruits. That word “acid” may give you red flags, but it is edible and used as a food additive. When compared to another acid formula, citric acid is on the weak side and very accessible for everyday use.

To mention some uses of citric acid are sour flavoring to foods, an excellent preservative, and emulsifying agent.

Most of your go-to foods also contain citric acid to taste better, such as ice cream, soda, and other beverages, canned goods, and even some fruits and veggies.

Although an acid, it is mild and safe for non-food uses like making bath bombs. Purchasing one must consider marked safe options, either for ingestion or external use.

Choose food-grade or non-food grade citric acid options, as they are fine to use for bath bombs and other personal care products.

Types of Citric Acid

As mentioned earlier, citric acid is used for various things, so expect several options to meet your specific needs. Read the brief discussion for each type below!

Anhydrous Type

Anhydrous citric acid is commonly a white powder with no odor and in a dry form. This is granulated and used in flavorings and even in cosmetics. It can also be a substitute for salts to treat kidney stones right away.

Additionally, this type is perfect for fermentation and a natural ingredient that benefits skin and stomach sensitivity.

Monohydrate Type

Mostly, citric acid exists in citrus fruits. This is simply called the monohydrate type and is best as a natural preservative. It is also used for pharmaceutical preparations because of its antioxidant properties good for your overall health.

Monohydrate citric acid commonly exists in a white powder. It can adjust pH level and is applicable for food uses.

Food-Grade Citric Acid

Meanwhile, citric acid became a food additive in a variety of food and beverages. It is believed to give flavor to sodas, candies, and other forms of food. This type can be in powder or pill form, yet both balance pH in foods as said by the European Citric Acid Manufacturers Association (ECAMA).

For canned goods, citric acid helps to sustain the food’s color, appearance, and health benefits.

Pharmaceutical Citric Acid

Pharmaceutical citric acid is certified to use for personal care products. It is in a solid or liquid form and can be used in making the bath fizzy.

This type of citric acid also helps to promote healing on the skin, which is commonly found in cosmetic creams and lotions. It is approved by the dermatological society for safer use.

Citric Acid Solvents

Citric acid has antimicrobial agents making it suitable for cleaning. It is safe for sanitation on countertops and other parts of the house. Citric acid solvents are the best alternatives for strong detergents because of their biodegradable properties that will fully benefit your environment.

“Why Should I Add Citric Acid on Bath Bombs?”

The bubbling effect on bath bombs is caused by adding two key ingredients that react to water. One is citric acid which gives your bath bomb a better fizz, together with a baking soda. There is a science behind that results in the fizziness of your bath. The formula releases carbon dioxide gas that makes bubbles as soon as your bath bomb dissolves.

The truth is even if you choose not to add citric acid in making your bath bomb, it is still going to work. Citric acid will only enhance its fizzing effect.

“Food Uses of Citric Acid”

Citric acid can be an ingredient in almost everything. It is found in ice cream, pieces of bread, beverages, and more home recipes. Take a look at candies with powdery coating, those are often citric acid. The following samples made use of citric acid for some reason.

Homemade Lemonade

Citric acid is a great alternative for lemons in making juice and is less complex. A teaspoon of citric acid can make a glass of lemonade, and just add up sugar for a tastier treat.

Fruit Preservation

Citric acid can prevent fresh fruits from browning as it regulates the pH level to prevent bacteria growth. It also works with canned goods.

Salt Substitute

High sodium intake could harm your body, thus you can eliminate sodium with citric acid as a substitute.

Homemade Candies

For making mouthwatering candies, coating them with powdered citric acid will add up sourness to its final taste. Same as on soft drinks.

Emulsifying Agent

There are homemade foods uneasy to make perfectly like ice cream and cheese. Citric acid helps to reach the best possible results of your homemade recipes. For instance, in making ice cream the citric acid will take away fat globules to deliver a better outcome. Citric acid also solidifies the milk in making cheese.

“Non-Food Uses of Citric Acid”

Citric acid is a versatile formula to offer non-food uses for homeowners. You might think of it as a strong and harmful element, but really a useful ingredient for your home. See the other uses of citric acid below!

Bath Bombs

Citric acid is one of the ingredients in making homemade bath bombs, as said earlier. Some combine baking soda and essential oils with citric acid to produce a pleasant aroma for a more enjoyable bath. Once you put the bath bomb on the water, it will fizz, making your bathing experience more fun.

In fact, you can produce up to four small bath bombs with only four ounces of citric acid. The remaining quantities could be good for some other uses. Buying in bulk is highly recommended if you plan to make hundreds of bath bombs.

Cleaning Agent

Its mild acidic properties make it suitable for house cleaning. Citric acid can be added to your dishwashing detergent to enhance its cleaning power. It can eliminate hard water deposits from your dishes that easily. Moreover, a drop of citric acid can remove stains.

For Shampoos

Citric acid can lower pH levels on shampoos which benefit the hair big time. It will leave your hair smoother and shinier than ever before.

For Skin Care

The collagen production shall increase with the help of citric acid formula which is important to your skin cells. Also, it can act as an antioxidant to keep your skin radiant and healthier.

For Photography

Citric acid can also aid the development of photos. It stops the developing film when necessary to prevent great damage.

Where to Buy Citric Acid?

Knowing all the facts about citric acid makes you ready to look for one. Luckily, there is a wide market selling this kind of formula, not just one but three ways to find high-quality and safe products. As follows,

Local Stores That Sell Citric Acid

Many local grocery stores are selling citric acid for your convenience. Nearby retailers could be the first ones to look into purchasing citric acid when you are already short on time. You can be sure of getting genuine goods with most local stores. To name a few options are the following:

Baking supply stores

Since citric acid is used for food preservation, there is a high chance of availability in this store.


Look straight into the food canning section and ask for citric acid for faster ordering.


Citric acid must exist in pharmacies knowing its connection with some vitamins in the market.

Wine supply stores

The formula is also used in making beverages, and so a wine supply store could be selling what you are looking for.

Health food stores

As one of the food additives, you can also find citric acid in some health food stores locally.

Another easy way to locate where to buy citric acid near your area is by using a food store locator. It prevents you from going to the store and just going home empty-handed, that must be a waste of time. Better do your research before visiting the said local stores to ensure a purchase.

Chain Stores That Sell Citric Acid

Chain stores only sell products that buyers want, so-called social status goods. They can offer a variety of brands at a lower price and freely tell the availability of what they sell.

Below is a list of chain stores that offer citric acid for the buyers:

Bed Bath and Beyond

Find the nearest Bed Bath and Beyond store in your area, as they sell powder form citric acid that is food-grade. The store is available online, but the said product is only sold in physical stores.

Vitamin Shoppe

Here is another chain store that sells a variety of health products, including pure citric acid. It is a 4-ounce powdered formula used as natural preservatives and is safe for making bath bombs.


This one is a popular chain store around the world for they sell various pieces of stuff for the buyers. They assure to offer more quantities of citric acid with food-grade quality. Walmart will give a discount for your first online purchase, that qualifies your order for citric acid.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods stores serve your every craving and deliver to your home after ordering online. They won’t sell goods that do not meet their standards to satisfy customers. Among the goods they offer is a powdered citric acid available up to one pound. Smaller quantities are available enough to make your desired number of bath bombs.

Connection Chemical

The last chain store I would recommend is Connection Chemical that sells an anhydrous type of citric acid of high-quality. It is used for wider applications such as food, beverages, textile finishing, and in making your bath bomb.

Online Stores That Sell Citric Acid

Do you like shopping online better than going to physical stores?  Citric acid can be available in various places online for an abrupt kind of purchase. Prepare to pay extra fees for the shipping, or browse for products that meet your budget. I would like to share some legal stores you can visit online, so keep on reading!


See the product listing on Amazon, specifically the bestseller citric acid choices. Food-grade and fine granular formulas are available both in small quantities and in bulk. The shipping cost may vary depending on the seller’s location. Some top-rated citric acids are sold for free shipping. Check out Amazon Prime to get more discounts!

Whole Spice

Visit Whole Spice’s product page to checkout fine granular citric acid right away. The quantities available are up to five pounds, as you can also order citric acid in an ounce. Your shipping cost will depend on the shipping option being chosen, which is calculated at checkout.


An added online store that sells small quantities of citric acid is Get Suckered. It is a flavor concentrate manufacturer that has a variety of unique products, including the one you are looking for in a fine granular form. They ship internationally that requires higher shipping cost. It would be based on the estimated weight of what you have brought.


Perhaps a small amount of citric acid could be enough for you, and so Vitacost offers up to 1-pound of powdered formula. They are food-grade and safe for internal uses. The shipping cost varies by U.S zip code, while standard shipping is applied to other areas. Vitacost also does international shipping with changing shipping charges.

The Spice House

Sadly, there is no available international shipping with The Spice House, but they ship throughout the U.S. You can buy up to 1-pound of citric acid that is food-grade and finely granular in form.


Another guaranteed online store that sells citric acid is iHerb which permits international orders. They trade powdered form citric acid, which is food-grade. Available quantities range from four ounces to one pound of formula. Additional fees will be charged for every purchase, depending on the weight and destination.

Stores That Sell Citric Acid in Bulk

If you plan to make hundreds of bath bombs to sell, later on, buying in bulk can be the best choice. Getting more of this formula will benefit you in terms of saving money to buy some other stuff. To see the details of each store selling citric acid in larger quantities, keep on reading!

Bulk Apothecary

The store guarantees 99.9% pure citric acid in bulk for the customers that can be applied in countless uses. They are made up of experts that will guide you in getting the right product for your soap-making project. Bulk Apothecary sells a fine granular type of citric acid, safe for your bath bomb.

Soap Goods

Bulk purchase for different types of citric acid from fine granular to anhydrous form is made available with Soap Goods. You will get what you pay for with top-quality and non-food grade citric acid, made in the U.S.A. The items will be delivered to your place normally one week once the order is shipped out. It can create the fizziest bath bomb ever, as promised.

Duda Diesel

Are you looking for multi-graded citric acid online? Duda Diesel has to offer you food, organic, and anhydrous formula for your bath bomb. It is sold up to 50-pounds to meet your needs. Free shipping only applies for small ounces of citric acid orders, while for bigger purchase depends upon the carrier.


Some other online shop that sells citric acid in bulk is Nuts.com, which can sell up to 25-pounds. A one-time purchase is accessible for international shipping. For orders over 59 dollars within the U.S can enjoy a free shipping promo, which is more than 5-pounds of fine granular citric acid.

The Sage 

Here is one more option to buy citric acid in bulk, up to 25-pounds. The Sage sells non-food use formula which is perfect for your bath bomb making. They also sell oil to add up fragrance to your soap, and some other extracts.

You can avail of free shipping while purchasing over 200 dollars of goods, only for U.S residing customers.

Final Thoughts

That is all up on where to buy citric acid, whether in bulk or small quantities. Many stores sell the ingredient for your bath bombs, either in-store or online, in all possible amounts to meet your needs.

Adding up citric acid to your bath bomb formula will result in more fizz, making the experience a lot more fun. Just make sure they are food-grade and marked safe for external uses. Making bath bombs may result in a lot of citric acid leftovers, which can be used for some other household creations, as mentioned.

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