Why Are You Running?

It is inevitable that someone will wonder as to why you are running a marathon. You may not be aware of the specific explanation, but if we talk about it, you may come to understand why!

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You’ve completed a marathon. You’ve got your tee-shirt in hand. You’ve received your goodie bag. You’ve reached your marathon medal on your chest. You’ve always been and will continue to be a marathon runner.

You’ve completed the task. Throughout the rest of your life, the medal will be one of your most precious things. A medal and a ribbon that proclaims you to be a marathon runner are presented to you.

You have accomplished something. You were honored to be a part of a unique occasion. This was a very memorable occasion for you. Every time you look at that bling, you will be reminded of this for the rest of your days and nights.

Is there anything better than that to motivate you to run a marathon? If not that, we don’t know what it is.

Marathons need a lot of effort. But they are unquestionably worthwhile despite the effort required.

To Gain Fresh Experience

These reasons, in our opinion, are sufficient justifications for you to consider participating in a marathon for yourself. We can say you that you will not be frustrated and experience greatness along the journey.

Training for a marathon might appear to drag on for an interminable amount of time. You absolutely cannot wait to get your weekend lie-ins back on the schedule.

You are well aware that you will be exhausted by the time you reach the finish line. While you may not cross the finish line until many hours after the winner has done so, you will feel that you have achieved victory yourself.

We have witnessed so much energy being expended in the final 50 meters or so of a marathon that it leaves you wondering where they acquired so much stamina after running for four, five, or six hours. For us, the sensation is a mixture of delight and relief that it is finally over.

Arms are frequently thrown in the air or thrust out in front of the body. Some runners are likely to have tears in their eyes during the race.

In Order To Fulfill A Long-held Desire

When you finish a marathon, it’s common for people to be in a state of disbelief. New marathon runners frequently describe having a sense of awe-inspiring accomplishment.

A heads-up that some will vow they’ll never do it again, but the next day they’ll be booking their tickets to do it again the following year!

A marathon is a lengthy distance to run. Running that distance requires a significant amount of energy. The months of training have demonstrated commitment and determination.

Many people enjoy running not just for themselves and to attempt to set a personal best time, but also to make a difference in the lives of others. Runners and their supporters will be supporting a variety of charities on race day, and their actions will benefit a variety of individuals as a result of their efforts.

Non-runners will frequently provide their assistance to their running buddies in this manner, allowing the helpfulness and support to extend to a larger circle of friends and family members. That is such a heartwarming thing to have to go on, and knowing that you are helping so many people in need may help motivate you to run even further.

The Popularity Of Marathon Running Is Increasing

Marathon running is famous across the world, but not in the same way everywhere. From 2008 to 2018, the global economy grew at +49.43 percent each year. While women’s involvement rates have climbed by +56.83 percent since 2010, men’s participation rates have risen by +46.91 percent over the same time.

Why Are You Running

In Order To Meet New Individuals

The crowds on race day are fantastic. Seeing all of the cheering people – mothers and fathers, children, grandparents, even vicars, and archbishops – who are all eager to encourage and support you in your endeavors is a tremendous boost to runners’ confidence.

This is especially true for those like us who prefer to run in a more pleasant environment. Even though some will not be setting any records, they will be having a good time on the run!

Supporters come out in all kinds of weather to stand by the sides of the road to support us as we perform our way around. They applaud, they clap, and they hand out food.  

Why Are You Running

Race day demonstrates that civilization is still alive and well, and that many decent individuals care about others and want them to succeed. That alone is enough to keep a smile on your face for the entire journey.

After completing a marathon, you’ll have a bar to refer to whenever you need motivation. If you find yourself suffering in the future, you will always have the option to remind yourself that you have completed a marathon.

Because You Have The Ability!

Yes, this is a true, complete marathon! It instills a sense of accomplishment and self-assurance that you have accomplished something significant.

You are now in a position of power and experience, and you can take on anything. Knowing that you are a member of a select group of people surely boosts your confidence!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of marathon training is that other runners will frequently approach you and compliment how well you are doing. They have been motivated by your accomplishments.

Strangers will occasionally come to you and tell you how they spotted you out jogging in the sweltering heat or drenching rain and wanted to express their admiration for your effort and commitment. When you know you’ve made someone else’s life better, it fuels the fire that already exists inside you.

Why Are You Running

Helping others is beneficial to oneself. If you notice a runner performing well or achieving new heights, express your admiration for them to the person. It will make a significant difference to them and provide them with a much-needed lift.

In Order To Increase Your Chances Of Success In Life

Speaking about their progress is something that runners like doing on their training runs. They address a broad spectrum of topics, including their training, motivation for running, respect for other runners, inspirations, and personal experience.

When we hear stories of how individuals have fared, or see how their training has gone, or watch excellent performances from friends, it motivates us to keep pushing forward.

Whatever our level of competition, whether against another person’s time or the clock in general, we are all a little bit competitive. When we watch other people succeed, it motivates us to continue our running efforts as well.

We enjoy being encouraged by others, and we see it frequently in other people’s running, which inspires us to run stronger as a result.

Race day is one of our favorite days of the year. Before the event, we know that we frequently chat to people about the sense of community in the waiting areas before the race.


The anxious energy, the thrill, the dread, and the realization that this is the time all come together in one moment. At that moment, only a small number of individuals feel alone in the globe.

Everywhere they look, they see other individuals who are in the same situation as they are. The supportive looks exchanged amongst the runners, as well as the talks taking place, are encouraging.

The viewers on the other side of the barricades have encouraging expressions on their faces as they cheer on all runners, even strangers racing with their family members and friends. Runners are made to feel unique and valued by others in their immediate vicinity. Running on race day is one of the most exhilarating experiences a runner can have.

Why Are You Running

“Wow!” is the most typical response when you tell someone you’ve completed a marathon. To be a member of such an elite organization is a great honor. It’s something to be pleased about.

A person who had 26 miles to travel would almost certainly not choose jogging as their preferred mode of transportation. Trains, automobiles, buses, and even bicycles are available, but none are running!

Experiment With Leaving Your Comfort Zone

It takes a particular sort of individual to choose to accomplish something like this. It earns you a specific value of respect from both fellow runners and those who do not participate in running.

Believe us when we say that it’s a very fantastic thing to have come up in a conversation.

Why Are You Running

Your very first park run is etched in your memory. That feeling of accomplishment after completing your first race was incredible – even if it did take you the better part of many hours to complete!

After that, we set a higher standard for ourselves and aspired to go even further. We can still recall thinking that 10k was a great distance and not something we would accomplish regularly.

Running is a health and fitness habit and a social activity, and it was a challenge-filled pastime that is constantly prodding us toward the next level of achievement. Immediately following your first race, we registered for a half marathon a few months later, which we completed the same evening.

The challenge awaited us, and we were looking forward to finishing it with pleasure. After a number of half marathons, we witnessed the delight that fellow runners experienced when they completed their first marathon. We wished to be a member of their group. This next obstacle was waiting for me when we returned.

What Are The Other Reasons?

Running a marathon is difficult, especially for first-time participants. But what draws in the crowds these days, since it appears to be the vogue even though it is not for everyone? Every individual’s motivation for participating in marathons is different. However, the following are a few that we believe are important:

  • Put yourself through a test of endurance.
  • Raise public awareness of and financial support for charitable endeavors.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being in running shape so that we can continue to run for as long as possible;
  • It is not a contest with anyone else, but rather a fight with yourself against the clock;
  • Allowing oneself to run free and stress-free;
  • Friendships and camaraderie are forged and strengthened. Providing encouragement and support during the runs;
  • The enormous amount of joy and energy generated by the event, as well as the participants’ bursts of energy during the race. I’ve been there and done that.
  • In addition to the race shirt and the finisher’s shirt, medals and goody bags are provided.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is running a marathon beneficial to your health?

The most noticeable advantages are the gains in cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, which are both significant. Weight loss and mental health improvements such as improved mood, self-esteem, anxiety reduction, and relationship bonding with training partners are among the less well-publicized benefits of exercising.

What can you receive from engaging in a marathon?

It offers your patience, improves your talents, and instills the correct mindset in you.

What are the benefits of starting to run?

Running may improve your heart, bone, and muscular strength, as well as your stamina and endurance, and it may even (potentially) improve your sexual performance.

It also assists you in learning to love yourself, and your body reduces your levels of stress-induced chemicals and assists you in setting and maintaining objectives.

What does running have to teach you about life?

Running teaches you to establish a goal and maintain the discipline and resolve to see it through to completion, especially when faced with hardship and failure. Running can teach you how to follow through and finish what you start, which is a vital ability no matter what you choose to do with your life once you complete your training.

Do runners genuinely like what they’re doing?

One poll found that just 7 percent of more than 10,000 runners surveyed were inspired to begin running because they genuinely loved it; other surveys have found that as few as 10 percent of runners had ever experienced the runner’s high. Despite this, they continue to operate in some capacity.

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