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Feel free to send your drafts to us if you have some cool content ideas. We’re always looking for contents worth sharing to our audience.

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Guideline for submitting an article

  1. Length: Articles must have 2000+ words.
  2. Format:  Articles should be written in standard English. Articles tone should be informative and educational. The article must have heading, subheading and use short paragraphs less than 300 words which are easy to read.
  3. Quality: The quality of content should be good and should not be biased, paraphrased.
  4. Topic: All contributed content should be tailored to our audience and their daily work. Marathon news & events, running advice & tips are appropriate topics. All contributions are subject to editing for length, content, and appropriate style. Circular reserves the right to deem any submission as acceptable or unacceptable.
  5. Images: The contributors are required to submit at least 2 photos along with their articles. Make sure that you have permission to use the images. You can choose images from Pexels.com & Pixabay.com. (please send images URL along with images).
  6. Link: One necessary and authority outbound do follow permanent backlinks are provided.
  7. Original: All submissions must be fully original and should not be published anywhere. if any pictures are included, they must not have any restrictions to be used.
  8. Bio:We do not use author’s bio on our website.
  9. Editing: We reserve every right to edit the formatting and wording of your article if necessary.
  10. Avoid: Lastly, Don’t send spammy and robotics pitches for your submission, be genuine, and give us the best of your writing. we have a really good audience here and we don’t want to disappoint them one bit!

We Don’t accept

❌ Low quality and non-original content;
❌ Plagiarize contents;
❌ Just pure advertising of your product or service